Avoid Debt Through Financial Literacy

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Avoid Debt Through Financial Literacy
Avoid Debt Through Financial Literacy
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Avoid debt through financial literacy

Getting by on income”- maintaining a balance between income and expenditure is not always easy. In addition to advising debtors, debt advisory services also deal with financial education. Systematic educational work is intended to prevent over-indebtedness in the long term. The aim is basic financial education, which conveys the skills needed for a healthy money life. The target group are primarily children and young people, but also adults.


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Budget advice

Your income situation has suddenly changed and / or you need a professional assessment of your financial situation? With the help of budget advice, non-overindebted people and households who may expect a decrease in income and / or have problems with household budgeting can get advice in order to be able to counteract financial difficulties in good time. Budget advice is an additional advice offered by the state-recognized debt advice service.

Tip Keeping the balance between income and expenses is not always easy. Using the online budget calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate how balanced your budget is.

Further information, budget examples and helpful links can be found on the budget advice website.

Goals of budget advice:

  • Improvement in dealing with money in private financial matters,
  • Assistance in planning household budgets as well
  • Debt prevention through balanced budgets and ascertaining savings potential.

Over-indebted people should be given the opportunity to find a way out of the debt crisis on their own. Therefore, prevention programs such as budget advice are of great importance. The earlier those affected seek help, the higher the chances of recovering financially.

Whom can I ask?

For personal advice or a professional assessment of your financial situation, make an appointment online at www.budgetberatung.at in your federal state. The discussions are free and confidential.

The financial education offers in the individual federal states are very diverse. You can find detailed information on the state-specific offers on the web portal of the state-recognized debt advisory services.

Seal of approval for debt counseling

State-approved debt advice

If you have any questions about debts or debt problems, the state-approved debt advisors are available. These facilities must meet strict quality criteria and work free of charge for clients. The public sector bears the costs. State-recognized debt advice can be recognized by the following symbol:

Note Debt counseling cannot provide financial support and cannot assume any liability. The experts at debt counseling work with your clients to provide an overview of the total debt and provide information on possible solutions. This support is based on the “self-help principle”.

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