WHO Health Goals

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WHO Health Goals
WHO Health Goals
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WHO health goals

In 1998 the member states of the World Health Declaration (WHO) emphasized in a declaration of principles that one of the fundamental rights of every human being is to enjoy the best possible health. Improving people's health and well-being is therefore the goal of social and economic development. The Member States also declare that they adhere to the ethical concepts of equal opportunities, solidarity, social justice and a perspective that meets the different needs of men and women considered, feel obliged.


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A policy of “health for all” should be given an effect through regional and national concepts and strategies. “Is that healthy?” - this simple question should increasingly flow into important decisions of social significance.

Framework for Europe

A health for all policy framework was developed for the WHO European Region in 1998. This framework concept is based on a thorough analysis of the health problems of the people in this region, sets targets for health improvement and describes strategies according to which countries, organizations and citizens can implement country-specific concepts in practical programs. The main objectives are:

  • To promote and protect the health of the population throughout their lifespan as well
  • reduce the spread of major diseases and injuries.

Framework for action for federal states and municipalities

The framework should be taken into account in the health policy of each Member State. “Health for All” is a process that aims to gradually improve the health of the population. To this end, 21 goals for the EU region were formulated in more detail. They form a framework for action and suggestions for possible goals and priorities at the state or municipal level. Important goals include:

  • equal health opportunities - reducing social and gender-specific disadvantages,
  • a healthy start in life,
  • Young people's health,
  • Aging in health,
  • Improve mental health,
  • Reducing communicable and non-communicable diseases,
  • a healthy and safe environment,
  • live healthier - diet, exercise,
  • Reducing the harm caused by alcohol, drugs and tobacco,
  • Health promotion in settings as well
  • Health for All concepts and strategies.

Source: WHO (1998).

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The literature used can be found in the bibliography.

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