Healthy Breakfast School - Grumpy Breakfast

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Healthy Breakfast School - Grumpy Breakfast
Healthy Breakfast School - Grumpy Breakfast
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Good breakfast to school

A balanced breakfast is particularly important for a good start to the school day. If the energy and nutrient stores emptied during the night are not adequately replenished in the morning, this is at the expense of attention and concentration. However, many children and adolescents do not like breakfast, they simply don't get anything in the morning. With a little patience, enough time in the morning and little tricks, even those who don't like breakfast will get a taste for it.


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A balanced breakfast is the best way to start the day. Breakfast is also important because the body needs plenty of fluids after sleeping. It is ideal to consume one serving of grain and one serving of milk at breakfast. Fruits and vegetables are the perfect complement. Rolls with jam or nougat cream or sweetened breakfast cereals should only rarely be served on the table.

Breakfast doesn't have to be warm, it can also be eaten or drunk cold - because children's preferences can change quickly.

The ideal breakfast

The breakfast drink should primarily provide the body with fluids - preferably without sugar. In addition to water, unsweetened herbal or fruit teas are also suitable. Caffeinated drinks such as coffee are not suitable for schoolchildren.

Grain products such as (whole grain) bread, muesli or other cereals, e.g. flakes, pops, etc. provide the body with those carbohydrates that keep the blood sugar level constant and have a positive influence on the performance curve at school. But be careful: Many breakfast cereals and muesli mixes such as chocolate flakes, crispy or chocolate muesli, granolas, porridges etc. sometimes contain high amounts of sugar and fat. It's better to use muesli mixes without added sugar or whole grain flakes. You can also put together your own muesli mix with your child, depending on their taste - ground nuts, for example, are an ideal addition.

For those who love variety and like it spicy in the morning, (wholemeal) bread with lean cheese and lean ham or a vegetarian spread and some chopped vegetables are an ideal breakfast.

Milk and low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese or casserole preparations are an important part of a breakfast for smart people. If dairy products are missing from breakfast, they can also be consumed during school break (pay attention to the sugar content).

Fruit and vegetables, cut in one piece or in slices or combined with other foods, e.g. yoghurt with strawberries, muesli with pear, bread with cucumber slices, are the ideal complement to a healthy breakfast. For those who don't like fruit, it can also be fruit juices without added sugar - they supply the body with important vitamins and minerals.

Breakfast gruff at the table

Even if it is difficult, the learner tigers should not go to school completely sober, otherwise there is a risk of an early performance drop. The following tips could be helpful to lure breakfast gruff from bed to breakfast table:

  • Time to wake up: some children need a little longer in the morning before they really get going and hunger knocks. There should therefore be enough time for breakfast; breakfast is not fun under (time) pressure. So wake up your child in good time!
  • Variety and new things: Provide variety, do not despair and try out new things again and again, e.g. fresh fruit preparations, home-made muesli or cereal mixes, different types of bread, different herbal and fruit teas etc.
  • For the particularly stubborn: If nothing works, you should at least offer the child a glass of milk or a drink such as water or tea.
  • Break box extra: If little or nothing is eaten in the morning, the morning snack should be larger. For example, pack a more extensive break box.
  • A colorful start to the day: A friendly breakfast table will bring a smile to the face even of a morning grouch. Fruit and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, colorful napkins and various decorative materials provide color.

Note Put together the necessary school supplies with your child the evening before. So breakfast can be more relaxed!

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