Minipill - Different Preparations

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Minipill - Different Preparations
Minipill - Different Preparations

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The mini pill

In contrast to the “classic” birth control pill, the mini pill only contains the luteal hormone progestin. Therefore, the minipill can also be taken while breastfeeding. Like the birth control pill, it requires a prescription. In Austria there are currently two preparations with different active ingredients available. Find out more about the active ingredients levonorgestrel and desogestrel…


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This is how the mini pill works

The mini pills with the active ingredient desogestrel (progestin) are currently available in Austria. These preparations thicken the mucus in the cervix and at the same time suppress ovulation (inhibit ovulation).

How is the mini pill properly taken?

The minipill with the active ingredient levonorgestrel must be taken daily and at the same time - without interruption. If the intake is delayed by more than three hours, protection against pregnancy is no longer given. In this case it is essential to use an additional contraceptive (e.g. condoms).

This strict time window does not apply to desogestrel preparations (estrogen-free pill or new mini-pill). Here, the intake - just like the combination pill - can be postponed for up to twelve hours.

How reliable is the mini pill?

The reliability of the minipill with levonorgestrel is lower than that of the combination pill (Pearl Index 0.5 - 3). The mini pill with desogestrel has an ovulation-inhibiting effect and is therefore just as safe as the combination pill. This is achieved through a higher dose of the progestin. Daily consumption is a prerequisite for reliability.

Reliability problems can occur in the following cases:

  • Taking the minipill with other medication: Some medications (e.g. antibiotics, laxatives) can partially or completely cancel the effect of the minipill. Inquire with your doctor or at the pharmacy whether the drug affects the way the minipill works.
  • Stomach and intestinal problems: In the event of diarrhea or vomiting, the active ingredient in the minipill can be excreted before it has been absorbed into the blood. This can impair the effect. For longer symptoms, an additional contraceptive should be taken for at least a week or until the next pack of pills.
  • Vacation trips with a time difference: When traveling with a time difference, taking the minipill should be discussed with your gynecologist.

Advantages and disadvantages of the mini pill

The minipill is a hormonal contraceptive and is a popular method of contraception, especially during breastfeeding.

The advantages

  • The minipill is effective immediately from the first day of use.
  • The mini pill has fewer side effects than the combination pill. It is particularly suitable for women who cannot tolerate estrogens.
  • The minipill can also be taken while breastfeeding: With the combination pill, the baby would absorb too large an amount of hormones through breast milk, and the estrogen effect could stop the flow of milk.
  • Fertility: The mini pill does not affect fertility. Even after many years of use, most women get pregnant quickly after stopping the minipill.

The disadvantages

  • The mini pill does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.
  • The minipill must be taken daily and at the same time of day: The levonorgestrel-containing minipill in particular requires a high level of discipline when taking it.
  • The mini pill is not as safe as the birth control pill.
  • More frequent intermenstrual bleeding is possible with the minipill.
  • Taking the minipill can cause cycle irregularities.

Whom can I ask?

The mini pill requires a prescription and is prescribed by a gynecologist when it is first prescribed. The reason for the prescription requirement is that the doctor has to decide individually which pill preparation is most suitable for the woman. This depends on age, medication to be taken and individual risks (e.g. thrombosis). The minipill is available from the pharmacy.

You can find pharmacies in your area under Services: "Pharmacy search".

How are the costs going to be covered?

The cost of the mini pill is not covered by social security. Due to the different pill preparations, the cost of a pack varies between five and 15 euros per month.

Note Large packs of pills (e.g. for three months) are often cheaper than individual packs.

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