Expectant Fathers In The District Hall

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Expectant Fathers In The District Hall
Expectant Fathers In The District Hall

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Expectant fathers: In the delivery room

The birth of a child is an overwhelming experience - and not always in a purely positive sense: the increasing pains in labor, the louder complaints, the increasing exhaustion and any complications that may arise can trigger insecurity and excessive emotions in the expectant father.

Careful preparation for the birth makes it easier to keep your nerves, to support your partner and to make the birth as pleasant as possible.


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Midwife and husband as a team

An important prerequisite for a birth that is as stress-free as possible is a trusting, harmonious atmosphere between the midwife and the expectant parents. Because hospital midwives often care for multiple births at the same time, they have to occasionally leave the delivery room to check on other laboring women. In the high phase of the birth the midwife is of course there, but in the long hours before, often only the father-to-be is present. This is precisely why he needs clear information and instructions from the midwife in order to be able to support his partner calmly and confidently.

For all these reasons, it is good if future fathers seek a conversation with their partner's midwife before giving birth, be it a midwife of choice or a midwife of the hospital where the birth is to take place. Participation in antenatal courses also helps to keep calm and a clear head. More on the topic: Well prepared for birth

The man as the woman's spokesman?

Parents-to-be sometimes develop very precise ideas about how the birth should go in detail. They prepare optimally and know which pain reliever or obstetric measures are suitable for them and which are definitely not.

In the course of the birth, however, everything is sometimes different from what you imagined. Especially if everything does not go exactly according to plan, the father-to-be sometimes gets into the role of speaking for the previously defined interests of his partner - should she lack the strength to do so during the delivery. As a rule, however, this is anything but conducive to childbirth, as it quickly leads to restlessness and stress.

The midwife and medical staff should not be prevented from doing what is necessary at the moment. After all, they are experienced professionals. Nevertheless, the expectant mother definitely has a say when it comes to the use of obstetric measures. This is sometimes a tightrope for both sides. It is all the more important for parents-to-be to be prepared for the fact that unpredictable things can happen with every birth.

All right and all wrong

During the birth phase, fathers often experience that one moment they are doing everything right for their partner, and the next moment suddenly none of it is right: massaging the feet, back or neck is no longer good at all. The man should be very close just now, not too close now. Earlier he was supposed to help, now to go away, just say something nice, now just be quiet.

This hot and cold experience in a woman giving birth is perfectly normal. Men would do well not to take any harsh rejection of well-intentioned encouragement personally and also to serve as a “lightning rod” for their partner in this special situation.

Difficult birth

The child may have an arrest, the child's heartbeat may drop, or some other complication may occur. If the birth is already well advanced, aids such as forceps or suction cups may be used. In some cases it is decided to have a caesarean section. In many hospitals, the man can stay with the woman in the operating room if both of them want to. His place is then at the partner's head behind a screen that also protects the surgical field from germs. Most women who give birth receive spinal anesthesia (cross stitch) for the operation and remain responsive. If the child is doing well, the father can take the baby in his arms while the mother's surgical wound is being tended.

The situation is different when it comes to an emergency situation and an acute caesarean section, in which everything has to happen very quickly. In this case, the woman is given general anesthesia and the man cannot be in the operating room.

In any case, it is helpful that the parents-to-be are informed about the hospital's procedures for a caesarean section in advance of the birth.

Go out when it gets too much

If it becomes too much for an expectant father, it may be better if he can (temporarily) leave the room. Outside, he can take a deep breath and maybe talk to someone - another midwife, the doctor on duty or a friend who is on the phone for such cases.

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