Thyroid Diseases: Benefits & Costs

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Thyroid Diseases: Benefits & Costs
Thyroid Diseases: Benefits & Costs
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Thyroid diseases: benefits & costs

If a thyroid disease is suspected, many questions arise: Who can I contact? Who pays for the diagnostic examinations? You will find answers for your questions here.


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Whom can I ask?

The following institutions and doctors carry out thyroid examinations:

  • in the hospital institutes or departments for nuclear medicine
  • Resident specialists in nuclear medicine
  • Resident specialists for internal medicine

A referral from your family doctor is necessary for the examinations mentioned. The examinations do not require inpatient admission and are carried out on an outpatient basis.

Who pays the costs?

The costs for the thyroid examination in hospital outpatient clinics will be paid directly by the hospital after presenting your e-card. All necessary and appropriate diagnostic tests with registered contract doctors are covered by the health insurance. For some more specific services, prior authorization is required for reimbursement.

In principle, your doctor or the outpatient clinic will bill your health insurance company directly, but certain health insurance companies may have a deductible for you (BVAEB, SVS, SVS, BVAEB). However, you can also use a doctor of your choice (ie doctor without a health insurance contract) or a private outpatient clinic. For more information on costs and possible reimbursements, see Costs and Deductibles.

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