Organic Mental Disorders: Forms

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Organic Mental Disorders: Forms
Organic Mental Disorders: Forms
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Organic mental disorders: forms

There are a variety of mental disorders that are organic. These include delirium and dementia, among others. Depressive or delusional symptoms and noticeable changes in personality or behavior can also be caused by physical illnesses or damage.


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Amnestic syndrome

The term “amnesiac syndrome” summarizes a memory impairment (new information) and memory loss. Examples are "film tears" from alcoholics or amnesia after a skull or. Brain injury.


This is understood to mean acute psychological disorders with an organic cause, which are primarily associated with a clouding of consciousness and cognitive impairments. Delirium can last up to four weeks, but some delirious states last up to six months. Hallucinations and delusions are possible. Delirium occurs primarily in the case of metabolic disorders of the brain, such as blood poisoning, diabetes mellitus (due to blood sugar derailment), dementia, derailment of electrolytes or alcohol withdrawal.


In dementia, brain cells die due to pathological processes faster than usual for the aging process. This disease is characterized by increasing forgetfulness and impairment of important brain functions. Difficulties in everyday activities as well as in social contacts also make life more difficult for those affected. For more information on the different forms of dementia, their diagnosis and treatment, see Dementia.

Organic depressive disorder

Depression is a disease that manifests itself, among other things, by a depressed mood, a feeling of hopelessness or social withdrawal. There are different forms of depression, which differ in terms of the duration and severity of the illness. In organic depressive disorders, there is brain damage or a brain dysfunction, for example due to a brain tumor or hypothyroidism. For more information, see Depression.

Organic anxiety disorder

Organic anxiety disorders - like non-organic ones - have many facets, e.g. phobias or panic attacks. For more information, see Anxiety & Panic Disorder: What is it?

Organic delusional disorder

A delusion is a belief that has no realistic background and cannot be easily understood by anyone but the person concerned (e.g. paranoia or relationship mania). Delusion is not to be equated with schizophrenia, in which other symptoms occur. Delusional ideas have different causes, sometimes organic, for example in the context of dementia.

Organic personality and behavior disorder

Personality disorders are manifested in rigid emotions and behaviors. They affect the entire perception, thinking, feeling and behavior of a person. Behavioral disorders can have a wide variety of forms. In the case of organic personality and behavior disorders, there is a disease, damage or functional disorder of the brain, for example due to AIDS or a stroke.

More organic mental disorders

There are also organically caused catatonic (accompanied by movement disorders), dissociative (with perceptual disorders), emotionally labile and mild cognitive disorders. Sleep disorders and sexual dysfunction can also be caused by physical illnesses or damage.

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