Overview Of Dental Floss Products

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Overview Of Dental Floss Products
Overview Of Dental Floss Products

Video: Overview Of Dental Floss Products

Video: Overview Of Dental Floss Products
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Overview of dental floss products

Thorough tooth cleaning with a toothbrush is an indispensable basis for maintaining your teeth. However, often too little attention is paid to cleaning the interdental spaces with dental floss. The following overview lists various dental floss products with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Its purpose is to help you find the right floss for your needs…


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Dental floss products

Floss type advantage disadvantage annotation
unwaxed Usually the cheapest standard product. Crunches on smooth and thus cleaned surfaces. recommendable
waxed Slides through teeth better. Easier handling thanks to the wax coating. Thicker than the unwaxed dental floss. The cleaning effect is less. recommendable
Teflon coating Glides easily through tight spaces. Fibers less. More expensive than uncoated dental floss. recommendable
Contains fluoride Fluoride effect is low. recommendable
Contains chlorhexidine Chlorhexidine reduces bacterial infestation. In theory, it can reduce inflammation. Higher price, little antimicrobial effect recommendable

Dental floss is

clamped in plastic forks or arches.

Facilitates handling for parents with children. If the thread is not tight, the low tension can damage the gums. Generates more waste. Use only if recommended by a dentist.
Super, extra, ultra floss Soft, frayed thread with a larger surface, cleans a little better. Especially for fixed dentures (crowns, bridges, implants). Higher price, fixed thread lengths Fixed threading part with fluffy nylon thread and waxed dental floss.


dental floss

The tape cleans better than thread-like dental floss. Narrow plastic ribbon instead of thread. Intended for use in the dental practice.

Source: Taken from the recommendations of the Supreme Sanitary Council.

For more information, see the recommendations of the Supreme Sanitary Council on the subject of "Care of the interdental spaces".