Yellow Fever Vaccination

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Yellow Fever Vaccination
Yellow Fever Vaccination

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Vaccination against yellow fever

Yellow fever is caused by the yellow fever virus (flavivirus). It is transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical South and Central America and in sub-Saharan Africa and causes the minority of infected people to suffer from severe disease with jaundice, bleeding and fatal outcome.


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One-time live vaccination, then lifelong protection: according to the WHO decision, it can be assumed that a one-time yellow fever vaccination protects the immune system for life. This provision came into force on July 11, 2016, after which a single vaccination should be accepted for life in international travel. The WHO has summarized the current entry requirements in a list. This is continuously updated. For travelers to particularly exotic destinations that are in the yellow fever zone, it is advisable to inquire at the respective diplomatic mission regarding the implementation of the WHO resolution on the extended period of validity.

Note A booster vaccination could be useful for some groups of people, as they may have a weakened immune response: eg children who were under two years old = " when they were first vaccinated, women who were vaccinated during pregnancy, people infected with HIV and people who received an MMR vaccination at the same time.

Danger! Live vaccine! A chicken protein allergy is an absolute contraindication; exact details can be found in the relevant specialist information.

Yellow fever vaccination: when and who should not be vaccinated?

  • Children under the age of 1 should not be vaccinated (exception: epidemic situation),
  • increased vaccination risk for people over the age of 60 (intensive benefit-risk assessment),
  • Pregnancy is considered a relative contraindication. A vaccination should only be given if there is an urgent need (e.g. yellow fever outbreak in the destination country).

Yellow fever vaccination certificate

Yellow fever vaccination certificates are only recognized in international travel if they were issued by a named gel fever vaccination center or a named doctor. The authorization to carry out yellow fever vaccinations in Austria and to issue yellow fever vaccination certificates in accordance with international health regulations must be applied for from the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection. If a vaccination was carried out by an unauthorized doctor, a subsequent confirmation by the health authority is not possible.

You can find detailed information on the infectious disease under yellow fever.

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