Colon Cancer: Benefits & Costs

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Colon Cancer: Benefits & Costs
Colon Cancer: Benefits & Costs
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Colon cancer: benefits & costs

All necessary and appropriate therapies are covered by the health insurance carriers. Your doctor or the outpatient clinic will generally settle accounts directly with your health insurance provider. With certain health insurance providers, however, you may have to pay a deductible (BVAEB, SVS, SVS, BVAEB).


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However, you can also use a doctor of your choice (ie doctor without a health insurance contract) or a private outpatient clinic. For more information, see Costs and Deductibles.

When hospitalization is required

Hospitalization is often required for the diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer. The hospital costs are billed for. The patient has to pay a daily contribution to the costs. Further medication treatment at home takes place by prescription by the general practitioner or specialist.

For more information, see What does a hospital stay cost?

Whom can I ask?

Preventive check-ups are carried out by the family doctor. The colonoscopy can be performed on an outpatient basis by specialists in internal medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology or surgery as well as in hospitals with departments for internal medicine / gastroenterology or surgery. The Austrian Society for Gastroenterology and Hepatology (ÖGGH) launched the "Quality Certificate for Colon Cancer Prevention" to ensure the quality of colon cancer prevention. The list of certified institutions and resident doctors can be called up at

If you suspect you have colon cancer, you can contact the following offices for clarification:

  • General Practitioner,
  • Specialist in internal medicine,
  • Specialist in gastroenterology and hepatology.

Colon cancer should be treated in specialized hospital departments that have set up an interdisciplinary tumor board.

Note Patients with colon cancer also have the opportunity to take part in study projects of the ABCSG (Austrian Breast Cancer & Colorectal Cancer Group) throughout Austria. You can find out which ABCSG center is closest to you on the website

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