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Health Care - Pregnancy
Health Care - Pregnancy
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Prevention - a healthy start to pregnancy

Wanting to have children is a good reason for women to take a closer look at their health. Certain chronic diseases - such as diabetes or high blood pressure - increase the likelihood of complications during pregnancy. Signs of these diseases, such as obesity and high blood sugar, cause a higher health risk during pregnancy.

The social security check-up makes an important contribution to the detection of both diseases and health risk factors.


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Prevent complications

During the preventive medical check-up, doctors look for hidden diseases and for factors that indicate a higher risk of becoming chronically ill at a later date. Special focus is placed on common diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure as well as on risk factors such as obesity, smoking or lack of exercise. If certain results of the check-up are suspicious, the doctor will inform you about what can be done to reduce any health risk. Even simple lifestyle changes can go a long way towards minimizing the risk of illness.

At the beginning of the preventive medical check-up, the anamnesis takes place, during which the doctor gets an initial picture of the current state of health. In addition, laboratory tests, a physical examination and, if necessary, other tests (e.g. EKG, blood pressure measurement, etc.) are carried out. The preventive medical check-up for women also includes a gynecological examination by the gynecologist.

Healthy lifestyle and pregnancy

A balanced diet and regular exercise are key concepts for a healthy lifestyle. This lays the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. It is also important to fill up the stores of vitamins and minerals before pregnancy and to avoid excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. In any case, no diets should be carried out during pregnancy, as the body may otherwise be undersupplied with nutrients.

Sustainable weight reduction

The wrong diet with too much fat, too much sweets and too little fiber as well as a lack of exercise contribute significantly to the development of obesity. In order to lose weight or to maintain a normal weight, a balance between the energy consumed and consumed (calories) is necessary over the long term. Weight loss programs therefore include nutritional advice and targeted exercise. They also take into account psychological aspects in order to achieve and maintain a normal weight through long-term changes in lifestyle. For more information, see Diet for Overweight

With normal weight into pregnancy

Underweight and overweight increase the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. These include, for example, miscarriages, premature births, caesarean sections or gestational diabetes. The American Dietetic Association therefore recommends checking your body weight prior to pregnancy and adjusting it if necessary.

For women aged 18 and over, normal weight means the body mass index (BMI) range between 19 and 24 kg / m². Underneath it is spoken of underweight and above that of overweight. BMI values ​​of 30 or more are defined as obesity or very overweight.

Whom can I ask?

Preventive medical checkups are an important part of the health system in Austria. It can be used by doctors with their own health insurance contract for the preventive medical check-up.

A preventive medical check-up can be carried out at the following locations:

  • Doctors for general medicine and specialists for internal medicine (with health insurance contracts or with your own insurance contract for health examinations)
  • For the gynecological part: Specialists in gynecology and obstetrics
  • Health centers of the health insurance carriers

You can find out where you can have a health check-up carried out for health insurance costs in your area, for example, from the free telephone service line of the Main Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions: 0800 - 501 522 and at

How are the costs going to be covered?

Preventive medical checkups are free of charge and are available to anyone aged 18 or over who have a permanent place of residence in Austria. Even uninsured people can take advantage of a preventive medical check-up at the local health insurance fund, provided they have a permanent place of residence in Austria.

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