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If gastroscopy reveals a malignant tumor or a tumor of unclear behavior (this is more often benign than malignant), endosonography should be performed to assess the lesion behind the visible mucosal surface. Further indications are unclear cysts or tumors in the pancreas, changes or stones in the bile ducts or enlarged lymph nodes next to the esophagus, stomach or duodenum. Samples of the changes can also be taken with thin needles during the examination…


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How is the examination performed?

In principle the same as a gastroscopy. Details can be found in the previous section Gastroscopy. However, the examination takes much longer and is therefore usually carried out with deeper sedation.

What side effects / complications can occur?

All that were already mentioned in the gastroscopy, plus bleeding from the punctured organs, pancreatic irritation or infection. All of these complications are very rare.

Where is endoscopic ultrasound performed?

The instruments required for this are extremely expensive and sensitive. Good endoscopic ultrasound equipment currently costs a good 120,000 euros in addition to normal endoscopy equipment. Endosonography is carried out by specialists specializing in internal medicine / gastroenterology or surgery. Local assignment / referral is required.

  • You can find specialists in internal medicine or surgery in your area under Services: Doctor search.
  • You can find hospitals (with departments for internal medicine / gastroenterology or surgery) in your area under Clinic search.

How are the costs going to be covered?

You need a specialist referral for an endoscopic ultrasound. This is valid for one month from the date of issue. Since the examination is very time-consuming, a consultation and an appointment is necessary. The costs are covered by your health insurance provider.

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