Laboratory Assistant - Laboratory Assistant - Activity

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Laboratory Assistant - Laboratory Assistant - Activity
Laboratory Assistant - Laboratory Assistant - Activity

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Laboratory assistant

The laboratory assistance includes the implementation of automated and simple manual routine parameters as part of standardized laboratory tests as ordered and under the supervision of a doctor, if necessary also by a biomedical analyst.


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Official job title

Laboratory assistant

Tasks and work areas

Activities of preanalytics (before the analysis) mainly include:

  • Participation in the acquisition of examination materials including taking blood from veins and capillaries,
  • Preparation of equipment, reagents and samples,
  • Checking the devices for functionality including quality control.

Activities in analytics mainly include:

Implementation of simple automated and manual analyzes of routine parameters

Activities in post-analysis (after the analysis) are mainly:

  • Checking the functionality of devices with regard to a specific sample,
  • Documentation of the analysis results,
  • Archiving or disposal of the sample material,
  • Maintenance of the devices.

Where do laboratory assistants work?

Laboratory assistants work in hospitals, laboratories, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, blood donation depots, research and university institutes, medical practices, etc.

Solid education

Laboratory assistant training comprises at least 1,300 hours, with at least half being practical and at least a third being theoretical. The training takes place at a school for medical assistant professions or in a course for laboratory assistance. Qualified medical-technical specialists are entitled to work as laboratory assistants.

How are the costs going to be covered?

The services of the laboratory assistant are billed via the doctor's visit or hospital stay. Further information can be found under The visit to the doctor - costs and deductibles as well as What does the hospital stay cost?

Informative links

  • Brochure health professions in Austria from the BMSGPK.
  • Information on health professions on the BMSGPK website.
  • Professional association DMTF / MAB Austria

Legal basis

You can find relevant laws in the Legal Information System (RIS):

  • Federal Act on Medical Assistant Professions and Exercise of Training Therapy (Medical Assistant Professions Act, MABG), Federal Law Gazette I No. 89/2012, as amended
  • Ordinance on training and qualification profiles for medical assistant professions (MAB Training Ordinance, MAB-AV), Federal Law Gazette II No. 282/2013, as amended

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