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Pediatric Nurse - Pediatric Nurse
Pediatric Nurse - Pediatric Nurse

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Pediatric nurse

The area of ​​responsibility of the qualified nurse specializing in child and adolescent care includes the care and support of physically and mentally ill, disabled, seriously ill and dying children and adolescents as well as newborns and infants. They work in all areas of health care, such as care, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation, as well as health promotion and prevention. Another child specialization for qualified nurses is “child intensive care”.


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Official job title

Certified health and nurse with a specialization in child and youth care. In everyday parlance, they are also referred to as "pediatric nurses" or "pediatric nurses", albeit not in keeping with the times.

Tasks and work areas

The nursing tasks for children, adolescents and newborns are diverse and include, among other things:

  • Care and support for physical and mental illnesses in childhood and adolescence;
  • Care and nutrition of newborns and infants;
  • Care and support for disabled, seriously ill and dying children and young people;
  • Nursing participation in the promotion of health and the prevention of diseases in children and adolescents;
  • Nursing involvement in primary health care and rehabilitation for children and adolescents.

The specialization "Intensive Child Care" includes the following areas of responsibility:

  • Intensive care for premature and newborn babies, children and adolescents;
  • Observation, care, monitoring and care of the seriously ill and participation in anesthesia and renal replacement therapy;
  • Participation in resuscitation and shock therapy;
  • Participation in all anesthesia procedures and much more

Where do child nurses work?

Qualified nurses specializing in child and adolescent care work in various health and social care facilities, e.g. in hospitals, medical ordinations, facilities for the disabled, facilities for children, mother and parent counseling centers or in home nursing. You can work in an employment relationship or as a freelancer.

Solid education

In addition to a three-year training as a health care worker that has already been completed and successfully passed, the specialization in "child and youth care" takes place in the amount of 1,600 hours within one year.

The “Intensive Care Child Care” course is a special additional course in intensive care. The entire training is based on the basic training in general health and nursing and is at least 1,000 hours within at least seven months.

How are the costs going to be covered?

In the hospital

If children / adolescents are cared for by a nurse with specialization while they are in hospital, the costs are covered by the health insurance providers. For more information, see Hospitalization.

In home nursing

In the home care of children, adolescents and infants, nurses specializing in child and adolescent care are responsible for nursing care, the implementation of medical-diagnostic and therapeutic measures and their organization. They also take care of the deployment of other employees and the training of the people and relatives they care for. With the costs for home nursing, the person being cared for may incur financial contributions. Federal states and / or municipalities or municipalities grant grants. The actual funding varies from state to state; the social services department of your state government can provide you with specific information.Information can also be found on the respective health and social pages of the federal states and at the info service of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Further information on the range of social services and links to the authorities can be found at

The so-called "medical home nursing" - if this has been prescribed by a doctor - is generally paid for by health insurance carriers for a maximum of four weeks. If there is a medical justification, medical home nursing can be approved by the chief physician for a longer period of time (medical certificate required). There are then no costs for the patient. Any further use of home nursing or those without a permit is chargeable. You can find more information on this on the social security website.

Care allowance and services

The care allowance is available for people with a certain level of care needs. This earmarked grant serves to cover the additional expenses arising from the need for care. You can find more information about the amount of the care allowance, how to apply and the requirements at

For people in need of care, their relatives and all persons who are concerned with questions about care, the Ministry of Social Affairs provides the following service facility on the Internet:

Internet platform for family carers

The platform offers people in need of care and their relatives worth knowing about care at home and provides basic information on care-related topics as well as answers to frequently asked questions. More at

Informative links

  • Brochure health professions in Austria from the BMSGPK.
  • Information on health professions on the BMSGPK website.
  • Association of qualified mobile child nurses (MOKI - Mobile Child Nursing).
  • Website of the Austrian Health and Nursing Association.
  • Professional Association of Child Nursing Austria.
  • Information on care on the BMSGPK website.
  • Service search in the health portal.

Legal basis

You can find relevant laws in the Legal Information System (RIS):

  • Health and Nursing Act, Federal Law Gazette I No. 108/1997, as amended
  • Health and Nursing Special Tasks Ordinance - GuK-SV, Federal Law Gazette II No. 452/2005, as amended
  • Health and Nursing Teaching and Management Tasks Ordinance - GuK-LFV, Federal Law Gazette II No. 453/2005, as amended

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