Exercises Against Heel Pain

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Exercises Against Heel Pain
Exercises Against Heel Pain
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Heel Pain: Helpful Exercises

The following six exercises stretch the calf muscles or the arch of the foot. They help prevent or relieve heel pain. If you have existing complaints, it is important to do the exercises regularly over several months, preferably three times a day. If you have severe or persistent heel pain, contact a doctor. Exercises 4 to 6 are particularly suitable for runners to prevent shortening of the calf muscles.


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Exercise stretching the calf muscles while sitting © GÖG

Exercise 1: This calf muscle stretch is where you sit on the floor with your legs straight. Place a towel around the affected foot just below the toes. Pull the foot with the towel backwards towards your body and hold the stretch for about 15 seconds. Then loosen your foot briefly and repeat the exercise ten times.

In a variant of the exercise, the stretch is performed with the knee bent. This stretches the Achilles tendon.

Stretching the arch of the foot © GÖG

Exercise 2: You sit on an armchair and cross the affected leg over the knee of the other leg. With the hand on the same side, hold the affected leg by the toes in front and pull the foot back. Hold the arch of the foot or the plantar fascia for ten seconds and repeat the exercise ten times.

Stretching exercise for the plantar fascia © GÖG

Exercise 3: In this stretching exercise for the plantar fascia, sit and roll a cold beverage can or bottle back and forth for about a minute with the affected leg using light pressure.

Stretching exercise of the calf muscle while standing © GÖG

Exercise 4: Lean against a wall with a lunge. The back leg is straight, the heel remains on the floor. The knee of the front leg is bent. The stretch, which is supposed to pull the calf without pain, is held for about ten seconds. Then straighten up briefly, loosen up and repeat the exercise 20 times. Then switch legs. This exercise stretches the calf muscles, Achilles tendon, and plantar fascia.

Stretching the calf muscles © GÖG

Exercise 5: Support yourself with your hands on a table or on a wall. In the step position, bend both of your knees and slowly crouch. Keep your heels on the ground. Hold the position where your calf muscles are being stretched for ten seconds. Then straighten up briefly and loosen. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Stretching exercise calf © GÖG

Exercise 6: Stand with both legs on the same step - if possible barefoot. Slowly lower one heel or both heels down until you can clearly feel the calf muscles stretch. Hold the position for ten seconds. Then straighten up briefly. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

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