Prevent Back Pain

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Prevent Back Pain
Prevent Back Pain

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Back pain: prevention

The main thing is to be active and keep moving! This principle helps to prevent lower back and lower back pain. But even if it already hurts in the back, the usual everyday activity and targeted movement are important in order to get rid of the symptoms - in this case, however, in consultation with the treating doctor.


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Strengthen your back

Strong back muscles support and relieve the spine. Whether healthy sport or exercise in everyday life: Regular exercise, as described in the Austrian exercise recommendations, keeps you fit and prevents lower back pain, among other things. Regular exercise training includes endurance training, strength and flexibility exercises.

Examples of sports that have a positive effect on the back include:

  • Swimming: the right technique is important! From an orthopedic point of view, backstroke swimming is the healthiest swimming style. Be careful when swimming with dolphins: It puts strain on the lumbar spine (hollow back).
  • Gymnastics & back fitness programs: specific strengthening, mobilization and stretching exercises are used to specifically strengthen the muscles.
  • Climbing in climbing halls or outdoors, trains arm, shoulder, back, stomach and leg muscles optimally.
  • Inline skating, ice skating: strengthen endurance, coordination and strength, especially of the back and leg muscles.
  • Pilates: Full-body training with a focus on deeper muscle groups that ensure correct posture.
  • Dancing: promotes endurance and strengthens the back, pelvic and gluteal muscles.

Pay attention to balance

Unilateral stresses such as long periods of sitting or repetitive movements at work place stress on the back. Regular breaks, balancing movements and ergonomic workplaces are important contributions to preventing lower back pain.

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