Osteoporosis: Tips For Everyday Life

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Osteoporosis: Tips For Everyday Life
Osteoporosis: Tips For Everyday Life
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Osteoporosis: Tips for Everyday Life

For people with osteoporosis - i.e. with an increased risk of bone fractures - it is important to avoid dangerous situations or, if possible, to prevent them. Find out which measures can help to avoid tripping hazards and falls….


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This is how you reduce your risk of falling

  • If you have visual disorders, ensure that you have the best possible glasses supply
  • Use a walker if necessary.
  • Wear flat shoes with non-slip soles.
  • Reduce the risk of dizziness and unsteady gait: Avoid drugs that impair your ability to react, such as sedatives or sleeping pills (in consultation with your doctor). Have diseases such as circulatory disorders, diabetes, etc. adjusted optimally, take the prescribed medication exactly as directed by a doctor.
  • Keep a small supply of food so that you don't have to leave the house when it is wet, snowy or black ice.

  • Eliminate tripping hazards and ensure more safety in the household, for example with: Grab bars and non-slip mats in the bathroom, railings as well as non-slip and level steps on stairs, adequate lighting, removal of slipping carpets.

This is how hip protectors protect

These are padded plastic shells that are fixed over the hips using plasters or Velcro or sewn into the laundry. This dampens the impact in the event of a fall and significantly reduces the risk of femoral neck fractures.

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