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Speech Therapist - Speech Therapist - Activity
Speech Therapist - Speech Therapist - Activity
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Speech therapist

Speech therapists are active in the examination, diagnosis, therapy as well as prevention, counseling and the promotion or scientific research of human communication disorders in the verbal and non-verbal area and the related disorders and disabilities.


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Official job title

Speech therapist

Tasks and work areas

You will be able to examine, diagnose and treat disorders of speech comprehension, spoken and written language, speaking, breathing, voice, oral functions, swallowing, hearing, perception and the non-verbal area. These include disorders such as dyslexia, reading and spelling disorders, stuttering, nasalism, but also loss of speech after a stroke, neurological diseases as well as after accidents or surgical interventions, malformations, disorders in eating or swallowing, communicative disorders with disabilities such as autism or Down -Syndrome to understand and much more.

Speech therapists support patients of all age groups in acquiring, maintaining and rehabilitating all functions in the areas listed with diagnostic and therapeutic measures. Speech therapists are also active in prevention, for example in the early detection of communication disorders in small children and in kindergartens. In the audiometric examination, speech therapists also measure hearing, among other things. Speech therapists carry out the treatment from the assessment of the findings to the determination of therapy goals and planning to the implementation of the individual measures. The treatment can take place in individual or group therapy. A variety of different methods, each individually tailored, are used in speech therapy.

Where do speech therapists work?

Speech therapists work in a wide variety of institutions. They work, for example, in hospitals, outpatient clinics, sanatoriums, rehabilitation and therapy facilities, institutes, nursing homes, facilities for the disabled, schools or kindergartens as well as in private practice. Speech therapists can practice their profession in an employment relationship or freelance in their own practice.

Solid education

The training lasts three years and takes place at universities of applied sciences (degree course in speech therapy, phoniatrics, audiology). It concludes with a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies (BSc) degree. In order to be constantly up to date, speech therapists have to undergo regular further training.

Since July 2018, the mandatory registration for speech therapists in the health professions register has been in effect.

How are the costs going to be covered?

In the hospital

If you are cared for by a speech therapist while you are in hospital, the costs are covered. For more information, see Hospitalization.

Some hospitals have a speech therapy outpatient clinic, in which you can receive treatment if you have a doctor's prescription and approval. The costs for this are covered by the social security agency.

During a rehabilitation or spa stay

If you are cared for by a speech therapist during a rehabilitation or spa stay approved by social insurance, the costs for this are covered. For rehabilitation and spa stays, the insured person has to make an income-related additional payment. You can find more information on this on the social security website You can find useful information about the spa stay and the associated costs under Rehabilitation and spa stay.

In the resident area

If speech therapy is prescribed by a doctor due to the illness and the speech therapist has a contract with your social security agency, the costs are covered. Please note that the therapy usually has to be approved by the chief physician before the start of treatment. In the case of an elective therapist without a health insurance contract with your social insurance agency, a partial amount will be reimbursed if a doctor's prescription and approval from the chief physician are available.

Offers from the health insurance companies

Certain social security agencies offer speech therapy in their own facilities. A medical prescription is a prerequisite for free use. For more information, please contact your social security agency.

In other facilities

In some facilities such as kindergartens or schools, speech therapy is offered. Here hearing, speaking and speech defects such as speech comprehension disorders and sound formation defects should be recognized as early as possible and treated in good time. The costs for this are mostly covered by the federal states and social security agencies.

Speech therapists across Austria do not work as often in kindergartens and even less in schools. There is a mix-up with speech therapy teachers and special kindergarten teachers. However, these are not speech therapists.

Informative links

  • Brochure health professions in Austria from the BMSGPK.
  • Information on health professions on the BMSGPK website.
  • Professional association of Austrian speech therapists logopädieaustria.
  • Website umbrella organization for upscale medical-technical services.

Legal basis

You can find relevant laws in the Legal Information System (RIS):

  • MTD Law, Federal Law Gazette No. 460/1992, as amended
  • FH-MTD Training Ordinance, Federal Law Gazette II No. 2/2006, as amended
  • University of Applied Sciences Studies Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 340/1993, as amended
  • Health Professions Register Act, Federal Law Gazette I No. 87/2016, as amended

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