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Music Therapy - Music Therapist List
Music Therapy - Music Therapist List

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Music therapist

Music therapy encompasses the conscious and planned treatment of people with emotional, somatic, intellectual or social behavior disorders and states of suffering through the use of musical means in a therapeutic relationship.

Its aim is to alleviate or eliminate symptoms, change behaviors and attitudes that require treatment, and promote, maintain or restore health.


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Official job title

Music therapist

Tasks and work areas

Music therapy treatments are available for patients

of all ages in the areas of psychiatry, psychosomatics, neonatology, neurorehabilitation, oncology, geriatrics, forensics as well as in various states of suffering and disorders such as trauma-related disorders and experiences of violence, in addictions, autism spectrum disorders and much more, especially for people with mental, physical and multiple disabilities as well as for prevention.

In addition, there are special age-oriented offers, for example for children with developmental delays and in developmental crises, for children and adolescents with disorders of social behavior or aging people with dementia and much more

Where do music therapists work?

Music therapy is offered in inpatient and outpatient facilities as well as in private practices in private practices.

Solid education

Music therapists are trained in Austria at universities and technical colleges. After successfully completing the training, an entry in the music therapist list of the BMSGPK is required. With the entry, the person concerned receives the authorization to exercise the profession independently or jointly, depending on the degree of the degree.

How are the costs going to be covered?

In the hospital

If you are cared for by a music therapist while you are in hospital, the costs are covered by the social security agency. For more information, see Hospitalization.

Some hospitals have outpatient departments that offer music therapy. If you have a doctor's prescription and approval, you can take advantage of therapy. The costs for this are covered by the social security agency.

During a rehabilitation or spa stay

If you are looked after by a music therapist during a rehabilitation or spa stay approved by social insurance, the costs are covered. For rehabilitation and spa stays, the insured person has to make an income-related additional payment. You can find more information on this on the social security website You can find useful information about the spa stay and the associated costs under Rehabilitation and spa stay.

Other hospitals (e.g. outpatient clinics)

In individual federal states there are independent outpatient clinics in which music therapy is offered. These outpatient clinics are subject to the Hospital Act. The costs for this are covered by the respective hospital.

In the resident area

Music therapists work in the private practice in prevention and health promotion or after assignment for the purpose of treating acute or chronic illnesses or rehabilitation by a doctor, a psychotherapist, a clinical psychologist or a Dentist. Currently, the costs for music therapy in the resident area are not covered by the social security institutions (no health insurance contracts, no cost reimbursement). In the child and youth sector, the costs are taken over by the child and youth welfare department on a case-by-case basis. In individual federal states there is the possibility of applying for a therapy subsidy in the form of an allowance from the responsible state government.

Offers from the health insurance companies

For more information, contact your social security agency.

Informative links

  • Brochure health professions in Austria from the BMSGPK.
  • Information on health professions on the BMSGPK website.
  • Music therapist list of the BMSGPK:
  • Austrian Professional Association for Music Therapists (ÖBM):

Legal basis

You can find relevant laws in the Legal Information System (RIS):

  • Music Therapy Act MuthG Federal Law Gazette I No. 93/2008, as amended
  • University Act 2002, BGBI. I No. 120/2002, as amended
  • University of Applied Sciences Studies Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 340/1993, as amended

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