How Do I Talk About Suicidal Thoughts?

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How Do I Talk About Suicidal Thoughts?
How Do I Talk About Suicidal Thoughts?

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How do I talk about suicidal thoughts?

Talking about suicidal thoughts makes it easier. However, you may be concerned about what the other person will think or how they will react, or are nervous or ashamed. You may prefer not to take the “risk” of talking about it. However, it is very important that you seek and receive help with thoughts of suicide.


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Expressing suicidal thoughts helps

The subject of suicide is still taboo in our society today. Some people find it difficult to engage in a conversation about suicidal thoughts or intentions. If someone is dismissive of the subject, don't take it too personally. Talking to someone who trusts you can be very helpful and relieving! Those affected report that after a helpful conversation, suicidal thoughts decreased, they slept better and were more hopeful. It's worth talking about.

Note It is important that you also seek professional help if you have thoughts of suicide. Professional helpers are trained in dealing with suicide and can provide you with targeted help.

On the other hand, if you are talking to someone who is encouraging you to have suicidal thoughts, do not respond to them and distance yourself from them. Aid or inducement to commit suicide are also punishable!

Who can i talk to

Get in touch with someone you trust: friends, family or a professional helper. You can also contact an emergency number or a helpline. You can find contact points under crisis telephones and emergency numbers as well as under crisis facilities and psychosocial assistance. Find someone you can speak to openly, honestly, and trust.

What can I say?

Take the time until you are ready to talk about your problems. Try to formulate what concerns you. Share how hard you struggle and how you really feel. Be honest and clear about how you are doing. Also, talk about your suicidal thoughts and feelings. Here are a few ideas to help you start a conversation:

  • "Everything is getting too much for me right now."
  • "Can I talk to you about it?"
  • "I'm really not feeling well right now."
  • "I'm worried about thoughts I've had lately."
  • “Lately I've been out of control and I'm very desperate. I have to talk about it. "

Here are a few ideas on how you can talk to a professional about your feelings and thoughts:

  • "I've been thinking about killing myself and how I could do that."
  • “I sometimes think of killing myself. That scares me."
  • "I always think about harming myself and already have a plan of how and when I want to do it."
  • "Those constant thoughts of suicide are already too much for me, and I worry that I might actually kill myself."

Note Talking about suicide is not easy. But it is important that you get support during this time!

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