When Women Don't Want To Live Anymore

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When Women Don't Want To Live Anymore
When Women Don't Want To Live Anymore

Video: When Women Don't Want To Live Anymore

Video: When Women Don't Want To Live Anymore
Video: I Don’t Want to Be Alive Anymore (Sometimes): What Suicidal Can Thoughts Feel Like (And How to Help) 2023, December

When women don't want to live anymore

Suicide is often associated with mental illness, particularly depression. Depression is twice as likely to be diagnosed in women as it is in men. The number of suicide attempts (attempts to take one's own life) is three times higher in women than in men. Why is that and how common are suicidality and depression in women?


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Facts and figures on suicide among women

Suicide is often seen as a problem for men because the suicide rate in men is four times higher than that of women. It should be noted, however, that the suicide rates only include the number of committed suicides. Suicide attempts are more common in women than in men. Scientific studies have also shown that suicidal thoughts are also more common in women than in men.

Depression in women

It is estimated that in many Western countries, 20 percent of women will go through a period of depression at some point in their lives. The reason for the more frequent diagnosis of depression in women remains unclear. There are various theories about the background to this phenomenon. Women are often more aware of their feelings than men. They are also more willing to seek medical or psychological help with psychological problems.

warning sign

Signs of depression are not always easy to spot. For more information on symptoms, see Depression: Causes & Symptoms. Depression distorts one's personal perspective so that one only perceives the problems and the negative sides of life. The positive aspects and problem solutions are hardly or not at all imaginable.

Note Do not make important decisions about your life or essential areas of life if your thinking, feeling, and judgment are impaired in the context of depression. Get professional help.

Depression can usually be treated well with drugs in combination with psychotherapy and methods of clinical psychology. You can find contact points under Depression: Advice & Help.

Causes of Depression in Women

The reasons for depression are often very different from woman to woman. In addition to crises that can affect men and women alike, changes in hormone levels and emotional life during menopause ("menopause") often have a negative effect on mood.

Even the joyful event of the birth of a child sometimes leads to psychological crises. These include the common baby blues, which is differentiated from postpartum depression. Affected women often find it difficult to bond with their baby. You suffer from irritability, mood swings (which go beyond normal levels), insomnia, anxiety or difficulties concentrating. For more information, as well as options for prevention and treatment, see Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression.