Travel Vaccinations For Europe

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Travel Vaccinations For Europe
Travel Vaccinations For Europe

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Travel vaccinations for Europe

If someone goes on a trip, he or she should protect himself or herself from many diseases early on - at any age. Travel vaccinations are aimed at protecting travelers from dangerous infectious diseases. Different vaccinations are recommended depending on the travel destination. Vaccination should be started as soon as possible.


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Which vaccinations are recommended?

Which vaccinations are recommended for adults before a trip to a certain country or region depends mainly on the following factors:

  • Travel conditions (e.g. time, duration, travel style),
  • special risk situations,
  • Age and basic illnesses of the traveler,
  • Long-term medications,
  • Vaccination history.

The recommendations include:

  • Generally recommended vaccinations: measures for each and every traveler regardless of the travel conditions,
  • special travel vaccinations: measures taking into account regional epidemiological and / or individual travel conditions,
  • Malaria prevention.

Note Which vaccinations and preventive measures are useful or necessary in individual cases should be clarified with a doctor several weeks before the start of the journey. A decisive factor is not only which country but also which region the trip should go to. Please show your vaccination certificate to your doctor. This enables a decision to be made as to which vaccinations are required and / or should be refreshed or which vaccinations are still protected.

Danger! In some countries you are only allowed to enter if you can prove certain vaccinations. Inquire about the current situation in your holiday country in good time. The country-specific travel information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be found here.

More on the topic: Travel vaccinations.

Europe: vaccination and prophylaxis recommendations

Generally recommended vaccinations according to the recommendations of the Austria vaccination plan:

  • Diphtheria tetanus-whooping cough (pertussis) -child paralysis (polio)
  • Real Flu (Influenza) (Seasonal)
  • Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)
  • Pneumococci
  • Wet leaves (varicella)

Special travel vaccinations:

  • TBE (regional)
  • Hepatitis A / B (regional)
  • Rabies (regional)

Malaria: There is only a minimal regional and seasonal malaria risk on mainland Greece. Conscientious protection against insect bites (exposure prophylaxis) is recommended. In this regard, please contact a doctor with knowledge of travel medicine in good time before you start your journey. More on the topic: Malaria

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