Solarium Check - Safety Checklist

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Solarium Check - Safety Checklist
Solarium Check - Safety Checklist

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Safety check for solariums

Visitors to solariums can use the following points from the "Solarium Ordinance" to check for themselves whether a solarium meets the statutory requirements and whether health precautions are observed. The solarium regulation and the technical solarium standard (EN 60335-2-27) as well as the trade regulations regulate the operation, use, equipment, care and maintenance of solariums…


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  • Information sheet: People who want to use a UV radiation device for the first time must receive an information sheet before the first exposure. It describes important precautionary measures.
  • Instructions for use: Instructions for use must be available for every device. It describes, among other things, how an irradiation program is created. For this, the irradiation duration, the irradiation distance, the time intervals between the irradiations and the individual skin sensitivity must be taken into account. If anything is unclear, the operating staff is available for further information.
  • Initial exposure: In the room in which the device is installed, the recommended initial exposure time must be indicated with a corresponding note. It should never be exceeded during the first irradiation!
  • Health hazards: There must be an indication of the health hazards that UV radiation devices pose.
  • Personnel: Qualified personnel must be available in the tanning salon who are aware of the dangers involved in using UV radiation equipment.

Note The irradiation time should be selected for all irradiations so that there is no reddening of the skin.


  • The UV radiation device must not be set for self-service. However, it must be possible to switch off the device at any time during use.
  • Only electrotechnically tested and standardized devices (e.g. ÖVE test mark) may be used. The marking "UV type number 3" must be clearly visible on the device.
  • The floor, walls and ceilings must not be reflective or highly reflective.
  • The room must be equipped with a ventilation system.
  • Every radiation device must have two protective goggles.

Care, hygiene and maintenance

  • A UV radiation bed must either be re-covered with a protective film or cleaned with a disinfectant after each use. The goggles must also be disinfected.
  • The room with the radiation device must be disinfected at least once a day.

Further information: Solariums regulation

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