I Want To Be More Active In Everyday School Life

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I Want To Be More Active In Everyday School Life
I Want To Be More Active In Everyday School Life
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I want to be more active in everyday school life

Movement is fun! Sure, concentration is the order of the day in class. But when the lesson is over and your head is smoking, it is good to get out of your chair and pump oxygen into your gray cells.


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Tips and ideas for more exercise in everyday school life:

  • School garden or playground: ideal for taking longer breaks for exercise. For example, for walking around with a friend or for exercise games, such as "rubber hopping". Take your play utensils with you, e.g. frisbee, juggling balls or jumping cord and motivate others to participate!
  • Gait laps: It is good to get out of class and move your legs. During the break, strolling on the school courses is a great way to do this!
  • Help shape: If you have ideas about which play equipment or facilities the school can purchase to offer more opportunities to move around, discuss it with your class board or bring the suggestions up through the parents' association.
  • Gymnastics lessons: Even if it is sometimes strenuous and may cost you to overcome, the gymnastics lesson is good! Anyone who has achieved something physically depending on their abilities can also be proud of it! Make suggestions to your teacher about the activities that interest you in physical education and physical education.
  • Sport as a non-binding exercise: Many schools offer a great sports program in the non-binding exercises. Here you can do sports that you particularly enjoy.
  • Use cooperation with sports clubs: The step from school sport to club sport is often only a small one. The teachers often also have a good overview of the club sports activities near the school.
  • Use the way to school: Anyone walking or cycling a bit on the way to school brings oxygen into their brain cells and gets their muscles going.

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