Additional Examinations For Preventive Care

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Additional Examinations For Preventive Care
Additional Examinations For Preventive Care
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Additional examinations for preventive care

If the basic examination reveals an indication of a possible illness as part of the preventive examination, this will be clarified through additional examinations. Special examinations are recommended from a certain age. These include mammography, colonoscopy or hearing or eye tests.


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As part of the Austrian Breast Cancer Early Detection Program, which has been in operation since 2014, women between the ages of 45 and 69 receive a personal invitation letter for a mammography examination every two years by post. Women between the ages of 40 and 44 and women over 70 can request an invitation from the free telephone service line 0800 500 181 or have them activated via the e-card. A doctor's assignment for mammography is no longer necessary in addition to this invitation or activation.

Note Women do not have to wait for the invitation letter. The activation via the e-card is sufficient.

The program is aimed at healthy, symptom-free women. As before, there is still the option of performing a diagnostic mammography in the event of symptoms or suspicion of illness - regardless of age. Mammography is an X-ray examination of the breast. This allows changes in the tissue to be made visible - especially those that cannot be felt.


For the early detection of colon cancer, a colonoscopy (colonoscopy) every ten years and a test for occult (optically invisible) blood in the stool is offered during the preventive examination from the age of 50.

PSA test

The PSA test for the early detection of prostate cancer is currently controversial because the benefits of PSA screening are not sufficiently scientifically proven. For this reason, the PSA test is generally not included in the preventive medical check-up. However, if the patient has a specific request for the PSA value to be determined, the test can be carried out by a urologist during the preventive examination.

Hearing and eye test

For people who are over 65 years of age = ", greater attention is paid to hearing and visual performance during the preventive medical check-up. To determine a possible hearing loss, a whisper test is carried out and, if necessary, a specialist examination is arranged.

The early detection of visual impairment is so important because early treatment can often stop a deterioration in vision. A specialist examination by the ophthalmologist is carried out to ascertain whether there is a visual impairment.

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