Adolescent Examination

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Adolescent Examination
Adolescent Examination
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Adolescent examination

Working young people between the ages of 15 and 18 can go to a young person check-up once a year if they have compulsory insurance. During the medical examination, possible health risks and health problems are clarified and health-promoting measures are addressed. Diseases and risks can be identified as early as possible, ideally before they cause problems. Necessary treatments can also be started early and the consequences of the disease can be avoided, weakened or delayed.


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What is being investigated?

The examination program of the adolescent examination is not only about the early detection of diseases, but also about education and support in the health-promoting change in lifestyle in the case of the core topics

  • Move,
  • Nutrition,
  • Smoke,
  • Alcohol consumption and
  • risky sexual behavior.

Note Doctor-patient discussions are confidential. For more information, see The medical interview.

In order to take into account the reality of life for young people, a platform was also created with the website, on which various health-related topics are presented in language appropriate for young people.

Where are the examinations carried out?

The youth examinations are carried out, among other things, at vocational schools, outpatient clinics of the respective social insurance and partly in companies.

Note The test program is based on international guideline recommendations, examining local applicability. Only those examinations and procedures were included that bring real health benefits to the young people and are also evaluated regularly.

Who can take part in an adolescent examination?

Working young people between the ages of 15 and 18, if they have compulsory insurance, have the opportunity to take part in an annual examination for young people. From the age of 18, the preventive medical check-up offers a comprehensive examination program once a year. For more information, see Medical Checkup.

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