School Psychology Helps With Problems At School

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School Psychology Helps With Problems At School
School Psychology Helps With Problems At School
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School psychology helps

There are school psychological counseling centers throughout Austria. Personal contacts and advice are possible there and in the office hours of the school psychologists in schools. The so-called school psychology educational counseling is an offer in which counseling sessions are held with pupils, school supervisors, teaching staff and legal guardians.

School psychologists can psychologically examine and treat children and young people. The school psychology educational counseling is also committed to providing information, for example in lectures or seminars.


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When school psychology is helpful

School psychologists offer assistance with:

  • Questions to improve learning success (e.g. by learning helpful learning techniques),
  • personal crises and emergencies at the school (including setting up helper networks),
  • Questions about bullying and violence,
  • Decisions on further educational career (analysis of talents, skills, etc.).

In addition, professionals in the field of school psychology help create training programs to strengthen resilience (the ability to cope with difficult life situations and deal with them) and to develop life and social skills. A sub-area of ​​school psychology educational counseling is psychological health promotion. This deals with promoting a good school and class climate, learning techniques, addiction and violence prevention, etc.

For more information on psychological health promotion in schools and on the subject in general, please visit There you will also find the contact addresses of the school psychology educational advice centers in the individual federal states.

General information on health promotion in schools can be found under Health Promotion in School, more information on psychosocial health under Psychosocial Health in School.

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