Homosexual, Heterosexual And Bisexuality

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Homosexual, Heterosexual And Bisexuality
Homosexual, Heterosexual And Bisexuality

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Homosexual, heterosexual and bisexuality

There are many ways of living sexuality. Different people find different partners attractive, fall in love with different people: girls in boys, boys in girls, boys in boys, girls in girls, or both. Your own sexual partner orientation is not always apparent immediately. Finding out who you are attracted to often takes time. “Making it public” can be associated with inhibitions and hostility. Advice centers offer information, help and support.


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Who do I find attractive?

Sexual partner orientation describes a basic feeling with regard to sexual interest in the choice of partner, i.e. whether one feels more attracted to men or women or to both. If a woman feels more sexually attracted to women, or a man to men, we speak of homosexual or same-sex feeling. The word “lesbian” can also be used for women and the word “gay” for men, although this also has negative connotations and is used / abused as a swear word. If a woman falls in love with a man or a man with a woman, the so-called sexual partner orientation is heterosexual. If you are into both sexes, if you feel drawn to both sexes and if you also live sexuality, you will be viewed as bisexual.

Puberty is often a time of experimentation, when same-sex experiences may arise out of curiosity. The sexual orientation is mostly discovered gradually.

Society is now much more tolerant of homosexual and bisexuality than it was a few decades ago. However, there are still prejudices, reservations and hostility. In such cases it is advisable to get help and support - e.g. from advice centers.

The coming out

Coming out where homosexual men and women accept their sexual orientation and make it known to those around them, “making it public”, so to speak, is not always easy and requires courage. Nobody has to come out, however. It is best to talk to people you trust in your friends or family, to find out more and to take advantage of the support of advice centers.

Info & links

Info, help and support as well as addresses and links are available at:

  • www.courage-beratung.at
  • www.hosi.at
  • www.rklambda.at
  • www.villa.at

Information and search for advice centers are also available at:

  • www.oegf.at (palpitations)
  • www.rataufdraht.at, emergency number 147 (anonymous and free, around the clock)
  • www.familienberatung.gv.at (search for advice centers)
  • www.wien.gv.at (information and contact addresses)
  • www.kija.at (information on youth rights)
  • www.oesterreich.gv.at (legal situation - registered partnership)

Also inform youth advice centers.

Further information: homosexuality.

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