COPD: Rehabilitation

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COPD: Rehabilitation
COPD: Rehabilitation
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COPD: rehabilitation

Rehabilitation serves to improve the performance and quality of life of those affected. With advanced disease, there is often a need for assistance or care (disability or occupational disability). Disability caused by illness or disability / occupational disability should be avoided, reduced or eliminated with the help of rehab…


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Physical training is an essential pillar of the rehabilitation program. This must be continued for a lifetime. The improvement in physical activity is tailored to the individual requirements of those affected, such as the severity of the disease, and under medical or interdisciplinary supervision - sometimes with oxygen. The aim is to achieve the best possible physical independence so that the demands of everyday and professional life can be mastered and, for example, the ability to work is maintained.

Measures of rehab

Rehabilitation measures include:

  • Smoking cessation,
  • Endurance and strength training,
  • Respiratory physiotherapy or physiotherapy,
  • Patient education (information about the illness, questions relating to the job and the social situation), taking medication and oxygen,
  • psychological support - help in coping with the disease in everyday life, work and leisure time,
  • Help with implementing a healthier lifestyle (e.g. nutritional

    advice and adjustment).

Outpatient & inpatient rehab

Rehabilitation is recommended from stage II (or risk classification B). In order to achieve optimal success, measures are tailored to the person concerned and put together according to medical judgment. Depending on requirements, rehabilitation can also take place in outpatient facilities or in the fitness center:

  • Stationary. Pneumological rehabilitation can take place in some hospitals or rehabilitation clinics. Continuing the measures and exercises after the inpatient stay is particularly important for the success of the therapy.
  • Outpatient. Rehabilitation measures are also carried out on an outpatient basis in special facilities. Here, too, the personal “rehabilitation plan” of those affected does not end after the end of the multi-week training program in the facility.
  • Continuation of the rehabilitation measures. The measures learned must be implemented consistently at home (e.g. using an exercise bike, fitness center, Nordic walking, etc.), often for a lifetime.

How are the costs going to be covered?

In principle, there is a legal right to funding for a rehabilitation stay, for example in the case of occupational diseases. Rehabilitation must be applied for and approved by the responsible body (s). For more information, see Rehabilitation.

The need for rehabilitation is at the discretion of the attending physician. In the event of medical approval, the health insurance carriers assume the costs for acute care and inpatient rehabilitative measures.

Rehabilitation, spa and convalescence stays are only approved after a medically justified application and medical approval by the health insurance company. Taking into account the income situation of the insured person, a daily additional payment must be made when the claim is made.

Rehabilitation also takes place in outpatient facilities that have contracts with health insurance companies. For these, the costs are fully covered.

In the resident area, the costs are only partially covered (e.g. for physiotherapy). An application for reimbursement of costs for physiotherapy can be submitted.

additional Information

Depending on the type of rehabilitation, different offices are responsible for filing the application. For more information, see

  • Rehabilitation - responsibilities at a glance
  • Rehabilitation & cure

You can find out about rehabilitation and spa centers in advance using the rehabilitation compass. This service from the umbrella organization of Austrian social insurance and the Austrian Federal Institute for Health (ÖBIG) provides information on the organization, medical services and equipment of inpatient rehabilitation facilities in Austria. You can find more information under Finding Rehabilitation Centers.

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