Sun Protection - A Healthy Tan

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Sun Protection - A Healthy Tan
Sun Protection - A Healthy Tan

Video: Sun Protection - A Healthy Tan

Video: Sun Protection - A Healthy Tan
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The right sun protection

Sunbeams are part of vacation and leisure time - and partly to work and everyday life. But you shouldn't expose yourself to them completely defenseless, because that can lead to unpleasant consequences. In order to avoid health consequences as far as possible, preventive measures are essential when staying in the sun. They include sensible handling and careful protection. Sun rays are important, for example for vitamin D production, but they can also lead to health problems.


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Prevent & tan healthily

Correct behavior and optimal sun protection are important in every season - especially in summer or in strong sunlight:

  • Especially when the sun is strong, for example in summer, stay in the shade from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The UV radiation is less intense there. Generally avoid direct, strong sun. Slowly get your skin used to the sun (e.g. on vacation or in spring).
  • Clothing protects against the sun. Sun hat or cap also ward off rays. Use good sunglasses with declared UV protection for the eyes. The doctor will provide information about proper protection, including for the eyes.
  • Choose a high sun protection factor and apply lotion. Use sun products with UVB and UVA protection. Note your skin type and individual experience. The time of year, time of day and place are also relevant. For example, the rays of the sun are particularly intense near the water (through reflection) or in the mountains. Remember that the sun can reach us even in the shade. Sunscreens with the appropriate sun protection factor alone are not sufficient for optimal protection; other appropriate measures are also part of sun protection.
  • In the event of sunburn, seek advice from the pharmacy and / or your doctor.
  • Be careful with perfumes and deodorants. Some can cause pigment spots and skin irritation from the sun's rays.

Note Certain medications and preparations (eg antibiotics, St. John's wort preparations) lead to an increased sensitivity to light and can cause damage to the skin. Find out more from your doctor - ideally before going out into the sun.

After sunbathing

After staying in the sun, moisturizing care products or after-sun products can be used. If the skin is irritated, special products from the pharmacy may be necessary. If the skin is severely reddened, reddened over a large area, the skin has peeled off, severe pain or blistering, it is time to see a doctor quickly.

On the BMSGPK website you can find more information about sun and heat.