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Travel Medication
Travel Medication

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Traveling with medication

If you suffer from a chronic illness or require regular medication for any other reason, you should take sufficient quantities with you for the duration of the trip. Find out about the applicable regulations for taking medication with you in good time before you start your journey from the competent authority in the destination country.


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How many medications can I take with me?

In principle, when traveling, you are allowed to carry the amount of medication with you that you need for your personal needs for the duration of the trip. When traveling to countries outside the EU, different regulations may apply to taking medication with you. In some countries, for example, a declaration of the medicinal product or a medical certificate is required upon entry. Further information about the import regulations for pharmaceuticals can be found in the respective country information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (travel information).

Medical certificate just in case

With a doctor's certificate for the drug treatment, you are prepared in the event that you have to get the necessary medication abroad. The certificate should be written in English and next to the drug name (trade name) and the drug name included.

The name of the active ingredient should be known

If the medication you bring with you is not sufficient abroad, the same medication must be prescribed or bought by a doctor in the country of residence. Knowing the name of the active ingredient is important for this. The names of the active ingredients of medicinal products are used internationally, while a specific medicinal product name is not known in every country. In some countries, medical prescriptions are based on the active ingredient and not the drug name. In Austria, the active ingredient is listed in every product information sheet for a drug.

Note Information on drugs, active ingredients and pack sizes can be found in the drug specialties register and in the drug database under drug search.

Transport medication safely

It is best to keep the medication in hand luggage when traveling by air. This will prevent loss if your luggage is lost or the medication is damaged during transport.

Import of medicines to Austria

Medicines purchased abroad do not require a permit when entering Austria up to a quantity of three retail packs. Without a permit, you can also re-import the medication that you brought with you when you left the country. In principle, the importation of pharmaceuticals into Austria is only permitted after prior authorization from the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (BASG, telephone +43 (0) 50 555-0).

Additional Information:

  • Questions and answers on the import of medicinal products are compiled on the BASG website.
  • Here you can download forms for importing pharmaceuticals.
  • The Federal Ministry of Finance also provides information on the import of medicinal products into Austria.

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