Partnership & Love

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Partnership & Love
Partnership & Love
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Couple relationship & love

There is an immense range of different ways of experiencing love. For many, love is a central pillar of a couple relationship - just like the desire to keep love alive in the long run. But what is love? There have been and have been various attempts to explore and describe love. According to the model of the “triangular theory of love” by the American psychologist Robert Sternberg, intimacy, passion and obligation (commitment) are components of love…


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Intimacy, passion & commitment

All three components of love are crucial for a long-term relationship:

  • Intimacy: e.g. loving communication, understanding, trusting, forgiving, respect, support, honesty.
  • Passion: represents, among other things, the desire for sexual activity and romance, physical and psychological arousal and sexual attraction.
  • Commitment: that part that leads to the decision to love love, to preserve it and continue to nurture it.

In the course of the relationship, the components develop differently and focus shifts. Often at the beginning of the love relationship, eroticism and passion are in the foreground. Physical attractiveness and sexual attraction play an essential role in this. Over time, the part of passionate love often fades into the background - and the relationship shifts towards the components intimacy and commitment. Nevertheless, the passionate part is seen as essential, also for further living together. Intimacy, attitudes and values ​​supported by both partners, constructive conflict resolution as well as stress management and beneficial communication behavior are very often present in long-term partner relationships that are experienced as satisfactory.

Personal and cultural focus

A love affair that is based on passion and intimacy is often the reason for a marriage or a non-marital cohabitation as a couple in Austria. Love, cohabitation and marriage, however, are not seen the same in all cultures. In Asia or Africa, for example, the obligation to others (such as parents, relatives) plays a far greater role than in Central Europe. Social and religious values ​​also influence the couple relationship.

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