Phimosis - Narrowing Of The Foreskin

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Phimosis - Narrowing Of The Foreskin
Phimosis - Narrowing Of The Foreskin
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Phimosis: what is it?

If the foreskin of the male member (prepuce) cannot be pushed back over the glans of the penis, or only with pain, it is called a foreskin constriction (phimosis). If there is a narrowing of the foreskin, the stiffening of the limb and sexual intercourse are usually associated with pain. A foreskin narrowing is quite normal in infancy and childhood. A shortening of the foreskin ligament is to be distinguished from the foreskin constriction…


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  • Physiological phimosis
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A distinction is made between foreskin constriction:

  • Complete (absolute) foreskin constriction: Pushing back the foreskin is not possible even when the penis is flaccid.
  • Incomplete (relative) foreskin constriction: The foreskin cannot be pushed back only when the penis is stiffened (erect).

Note A narrowing of the foreskin in infancy and childhood is quite normal (physiological). It is mostly a gluing of the foreskin (preputial gluing), which is also called physiological phimosis. This naturally existing adhesion of the foreskin almost always comes off by itself in the first few years of life.

Physiological phimosis

In early infancy and childhood, the foreskin and glans are usually not yet completely separated, the foreskin sticks to the glans and cannot be pushed back easily. Only at the age of three to five years does this connection between the foreskin and glans slowly begin to loosen. Gradually, the foreskin can be pulled back towards the base of the penis. When they enter school age (six to seven years), up to eight percent of boys still have phimosis, while in the age group of 16 to 18 year olds only one percent of young people is affected.

Note A shortening of the foreskin ligament (frenulum breve) is to be distinguished from the foreskin constriction, which in the simplest case can be treated by severing the connective tissue ligament running down the penis.

Emergency "Spanish collar"

Paraphimosis ("Spanish collar") occurs when a relatively tight foreskin is pulled back over the glans and cannot be pushed back again (in adults, for example, during sexual intercourse or when masturbating). In children, this can often happen when the foreskin is not yet fully stretched. The blood flow is interrupted by the tight foreskin and the glans and the remaining parts of the foreskin swell painfully due to the rapidly developing edema.

Note The treatment is performed with compressions to squeeze out the edema and to slide the foreskin forward again. If this does not work, a small incision is made in the foreskin (dorsal incision). After the swelling has subsided, a circumcision is carried out.

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