Relatives Of Alcoholics

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Relatives Of Alcoholics
Relatives Of Alcoholics
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Relatives of alcoholics

Alcohol addiction does not only affect the health of the person affected. The social environment, especially the family and other close caregivers, often suffer considerably. In addition to problems such as violence or neglect, financial difficulties also play a role.

But work colleagues are also confronted with the unpleasant consequences of problematic drinking by the person concerned. Relatives, friends and acquaintances can also get support.


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Stressful situations

For close relatives, the alcohol dependence of the person concerned is usually an enormous burden. They deal with the situation differently and develop different strategies to cope with the stress. It can happen that relatives try to take over certain tasks and responsibilities of the data subject, which they can no longer cope with themselves. Children are also affected and sometimes have to bear responsibilities, even if they are overwhelming.


In connection with behavior and role changes, one speaks of a "co-dependency". Co-dependency refers to the behavior of relatives, but also of other people, such as work colleagues, who favor the addiction problem of those affected.

For more information, see Codependency.

Support for relatives

The relatives of alcohol addicts often need support themselves, even if they are not co-dependent. You can find these in qualified advice centers and self-help groups.

  • You can find more information about counseling centers in the Addiction Aid Compass and via the addiction prevention and addiction coordination centers.
  • Here you can find information on the addiction aid compass in sign language.
  • You can also find information on help offers and support under Help & Support.
  • You can find the umbrella and regional associations of the self-help groups in your state under Services. Among other things, they provide information about addresses in your area.
  • Brochures and folders can be found under Brochures: Dependency.

For information on alcohol and work, see

  • Alcohol in the company and
  • When work colleagues drink.

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