Food Pyramid - Meat, Fish And Eggs

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Food Pyramid - Meat, Fish And Eggs
Food Pyramid - Meat, Fish And Eggs

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Food pyramid: fish, meat, sausage and eggs

Fish and meat provide protein as well as various vitamins and minerals - e.g. iodine, vitamin D (fish) or B vitamins and magnesium, iron and zinc (meat). Oily sea fish also contains omega-3 fatty acids, eggs are a good source of protein.


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How much?

  • At least one or two servings of fish a week (1 serving = 1 palm-sized, finger-thick piece). Oily sea fish such as mackerel, salmon, tuna or herring are ideal, but also domestic cold water fish such as char.
  • A maximum of three servings of low-fat meat (serving size as with fish) or low-fat sausage products (up to three palm-sized, thin slices) per week, e.g. lean chicken and ham. Red meat such as beef, pork or lamb and sausages should be eaten rarely.
  • Up to three eggs a week. Please note that eggs are often contained in processed form in various foods (e.g. in pasta, baked goods, flour dishes).

How big is a portion?

Food quantity
3 servings of meat and low-fat sausages A total of 300-450 grams

1 serving of fish approx. 150 grams

* For example two servings of meat and one serving of sausage per week.

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