Storage Of Food - All Information

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Storage Of Food - All Information
Storage Of Food - All Information

Video: Storage Of Food - All Information

Video: Storage Of Food - All Information
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The storage of food

Once you have bought your groceries at home, the goods should be properly stored: Not every vegetable is properly stored in the refrigerator. Do you know about the different climate zones in the refrigerator? The correct storage of food contributes to the longest possible freshness and consumptionability. It is important to influence external factors such as temperature, UV rays (light) and oxygen (air) or to shield the goods.


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Correct storage of food prevents infestation (contamination) with germs, molds or pests. Last but not least, undesirable changes in taste can also be prevented. For example, fruit and cheese can easily acquire a foreign taste.

There are different storage locations and options in households. Whether there is a cellar, pantry, or pantry - all households have one thing in common: the refrigerator. It is at the heart of food storage. It is not enough to simply put something to be cooled in a free space in the refrigerator. Depending on the compartment or drawer, there are different temperature ranges in the refrigerator that are intended for special foods.

What to look for in storage

  • For packaged foods, you will find information on suitable storage on the label (storage location, temperature and duration). Try to follow these recommendations.
  • When use-by date (consume to-to-date) is considered that a food should be consumed up to this point - from a consumption after that date is not recommended from a health perspective.
  • The best before date means that a food can be kept at least until this date if stored correctly (manufacturer's guarantee). But it can still be perfect and suitable for consumption even after it has expired. Before consuming expired goods, make sure of their condition - does it not smell spoiled, is there no visible mold, etc.?
  • If the cold chain has been interrupted or if the packaging is damaged, for example, a food may be unsuitable for consumption even before the best-before date has expired.

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