Dietary Fiber - Protection Through Diet

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Dietary Fiber - Protection Through Diet
Dietary Fiber - Protection Through Diet
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Prevention with nutrition: fiber

Fiber used to be thought of as unnecessary fiber, hence its name, which may sound a bit misleading. Because: Dietary fibers from grain, legumes, fruit and vegetables show, in addition to their regulating effect on digestive activity and the feeling of satiety, also positive effects on the cardiovascular system.

Dietary fiber is divided into soluble and insoluble - both occur exclusively in plant-based foods, especially in fruit, vegetables, as well as whole-grain cereals (products) and legumes.


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Health effects of fiber

Fiber stimulates chewing, increases the feeling of satiety, stabilizes the blood sugar level and prevents constipation. The best conditions for a functioning digestion. In addition, dietary fibers have other positive properties in the body:

A high total fiber intake can lower the risk of being excessively overweight, high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. A regulation of blood lipid levels and a reduction in the risk of colon cancer are also associated with a high intake of dietary fiber.

Prefers whole grains

When it comes to fiber intake and the positive effects on health, the consumption of whole grain products is particularly important.

Possible effects of whole grain products:

  • Reduction in total and LDL cholesterol
  • reduced risk of being very overweight (obesity)
  • reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  • decreased risk of high blood pressure
  • reduced risk of coronary artery disease (CHD)
  • reduced risk of malignant tumors in the gastrointestinal tract.

Source: DGE, evidence-based guideline, carbohydrate intake and prevention of selected diet-related diseases)

Note Sufficient drinking (at least 1.5 l per day) is particularly important so that dietary fiber can fully develop its positive effects (including swelling capacity) in order to be digestible!

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