The Metabolic Syndrome

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The Metabolic Syndrome
The Metabolic Syndrome

Video: The Metabolic Syndrome

Video: The Metabolic Syndrome
Video: Metabolic Syndrome: A Dangerous Combination of Risk Factors 2023, December

The metabolic syndrome

Overweight or obesity are seen as accelerating factors for the so-called metabolic syndrome (MTS), which is a great danger for the body. The majority of people with metabolic syndrome are overweight. Other factors such as physical inactivity, stress, smoking and alcohol play a role in the development. That is why the metabolic syndrome is also known as the wealth syndrome. People are at high risk of developing arteriosclerosis. The risk of cardiovascular complications is about three times higher…


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The metabolic syndrome is defined by the waist circumference, the triglyceride values, the HDL cholesterol, the blood pressure and the fasting blood sugar value. If there is an increased value in three or more of these areas or if medication is taken for treatment, it is referred to as the metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome Indicators

feature values
increased waist size Men ≥ 102 cm
Women ≥ 88 cm
increased triglycerides (fasting) ≥ 150 mg / dl
low HDL cholesterol (fasting) Men <40 mg / dl
Women <50 mg / dl
Blood pressure ≥ 130 mmHg systolic blood pressure or
≥ 85 mmHg diastolic blood pressure
increased blood sugar (sober) ≥ 100 mg / dl

Source: AHA / NHLBI diagnostic criteria (2015)

Effective measures against the metabolic syndrome

  • Weight reduction
  • increased movement
  • Alcohol reduction
  • decreased consumption of saturated fatty acids
  • high fiber diet