Ice Skating & Ice Hockey

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Ice Skating & Ice Hockey
Ice Skating & Ice Hockey
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Ice skating & ice hockey

Swinging your legs left and right a few times and you are already gliding easily over the smooth ice surface. The rhythmic movement primarily stresses the muscles in the legs, and the arms also swing along. With a little practice and skill, circles and figures can be turned alone or in pairs. Children, as well as adult beginners, can learn to skate fairly quickly, especially if they have support for their first attempts. With a little practice, you will soon find out how to keep your balance when moving forward…


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Ice skating

Regardless of whether it is in the city or in the country: there is an opportunity to ice skate almost everywhere. Safe fun awaits you on well-tended ice rinks for an entrance fee. You can often borrow ice skates on site. In order to be able to skate on frozen ponds or lakes, the temperature has to be well below zero for a long time so that the ice is stable. To be on the safe side, you should inquire about the ice conditions at local authorities so as not to run the risk of breaking in. When the natural ice surface is smooth and free of snow, ice skating hikes can be enjoyed as a special winter experience. Ice skating is one of the endurance sports and strengthens the heart and circulation. In addition, the sense of balance is trained.


Ice skates are available with and without front points. The spikes help with braking and performing figures, for example in figure skating. Size-adjustable models are available for children and teenagers. In order to protect your hands from the sharp runners in the event of a fall, gloves should always be worn, especially by children. A helmet protects the head of young and old!

figure skating

The "high school" on two runners is figure skating. The special attraction lies in performing flowing dance movements at a brisk pace on the ice to the rhythm of the music. Figure skating is usually done in pairs or individually. Professionals can also incorporate acrobatic elements into their figures, such as jumps. However, this requires very intensive and extensive training. Figure skating places high demands on body control and strength endurance.

Ice hockey - fast-paced fun

You don't have to be equipped like an ice hockey ace to be able to dribble with the puck. All you need is a free ice surface, sticks, the hard rubber disc (puck), two improvised goals and you're ready to go! No matter whether big or small - in pairs or in small teams it is wonderful to play and have fun. Guiding the sticks, dribbling or shooting from the barrel require a lot of skill. Short sprints alternate with sudden changes of direction and stops. This movement requires a good level of fitness, because the game puts a heavy load on the cardiovascular system. After a few minutes you know: you won't get cold when you play ice hockey!

As a team game, ice hockey is physical, athletic and requires a good overview of the game and team thinking. Special safety equipment is required. These include helmet (possibly with visor), chest, elbow, leg and genital protection as well as gloves.

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