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Video: Badminton

Video: Badminton
Video: Men's Singles Badminton Final | Rio 2016 Replays 2023, March


Badminton is a fast-paced and varied setback game. The special attraction lies in the rapid change of game situations. With the light bats, the cue ball can be played precisely and in a variety of ways, even in a short space. However, longer rallies are often possible compared to tennis. However, this requires a high level of willingness to run on the part of the two to four players. With the right effort, a match becomes an exciting, intense, and often sweaty sporting pleasure…


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Rapid changes of direction are typical of the game. This requires responsiveness and skill. In Austria there are around 140 badminton clubs with around 6,000 members. Badminton is a popular outdoor recreational sport for young and old. This variant of the game also works without winners and losers, because the aim is to play the ball back and forth as often as possible.

How is the game organized?

The badminton court is smaller than a tennis court and the net is higher. The ball made of cork, natural feathers or plastic is hit back and forth until a player makes a mistake. The ball must not touch the ground during play. Every mistake is counted as a point. A set is over after 21 points, two sets are played, and a change of sides occurs after each set.

Which training is useful?

Speed, agility and stamina are important basic requirements. These skills require targeted, regular training. In specific badminton training, the movement sequences for the correct running, jumping and striking technique as well as coordination, speed and tactics are practiced. With well-trained arm strength, the ball can be hit sharply.

What are the health benefits?

Regularly playing badminton has many positive effects on health under certain conditions (see Staying healthy with exercise). It promotes stamina, dexterity and responsiveness and, above all, strengthens the leg and arm muscles. However, the many stops and changes of direction on hard ground also put increased stress on the leg joints. Beginners should avoid overstressing the arm joints, especially at the beginning, by hitting the wrist too hard or frequently.

What equipment is necessary?

Badminton is played indoors on fields that are somewhat narrower and shorter than tennis courts. To play badminton you need functional sportswear, sports shoes for the hall, rackets and special balls. Shuttlecocks are available for different levels of play made of different materials and with different flight characteristics.

Note Fit Sport Austria offers an overview of badminton offers for all age groups throughout Austria.

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