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Hockey is a fast-paced, technically and physically demanding team game in which a small ball is moved with the help of a stick. The aim is to score goals through skillful ball control and tactical teamwork. The ball game with a stick is very old. The origins go back to the time of the early civilizations in Asia, Africa and America, as old pictures show. At the end of the 19th century the game was given a modern, standardized form with rules. After that, modern England hockey spread around the world…


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Sport has a tradition of well over 100 years in Austria. Today, hockey is an Olympic sport in which national and international competitions and championships are held. Hockey is played outdoors or indoors.

Outside, field hockey is played almost exclusively on artificial turf on a 91 meter long and 55 meter wide field. The teams each consist of eleven players. In the hall, five players compete against each other on a field the size of a handball field. The hall field is laterally bounded by ten centimeter high boards. Games outdoors in the adult area last two times 35 minutes, in the hall in Austria two times 25 minutes. Up to seven exchange players are allowed, who can be exchanged on the fly at any time.

How is it played?

The hockey sticks are about one meter long and curved at the bottom. They have a round and a flat side. The hard plastic ball roughly the size of a tennis ball may only be played with the flat side of the racket. A shot on goal is only allowed within the marked shooting circle. In field hockey, the ball can be hit, pushed, lifted and flicked with a stick. High pass is only allowed if other players are not endangered. In indoor hockey, the ball may not be hit and, except when shooting on goal, only played flat. A shot on goal may only be fired within the marked shooting circle. The goalkeeper may touch the ball with his whole body in the shooting circle. The set of rules is designed toAvoid injuries from fast-paced play with hard clubs and balls

How do you train?

As with other ball sports, an important basis is the training of stamina (endurance and strength) and speed. In special training, ball control, shooting technique as well as tactics and moves in attack and defense are practiced.


The field players' equipment consists of a special indoor or field hockey stick, socks and shin guards and possibly a face mask. The goalkeeper is particularly protected by special equipment (e.g. helmet, breastplate).

Related sport

Very fast, body-hugging ice hockey is related to hockey. In the middle of the 19th century, both sports developed roughly parallel from the original forms of games with rackets and balls. In ice hockey, two teams of six players each compete against each other on an ice rink measuring 60 by 30 meters. The aim is to shoot a flat hard plastic target (puck) into the goal.

Whom can I ask?

In Austria, hockey is practiced in popular sports clubs or as a competitive sport in clubs of the Austrian Hockey Association. Fit Sport Austria offers hockey, also for children and young people, as a health-promoting exercise.

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