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Video: Handball

Video: Handball
Video: Spain vs Norway | Highlights | Quarter-finals | World Championship 2021 2023, March


Handball is a fast-paced, running-intensive and physical ball sport. The ball is played in a tight space in the team by skillful moves forward to the opposing goal. Attack and defense alternate quickly. The defending team tries to prevent shots on goal by marking, blocking and pressing. There are far more goals in a handball match than in football…


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How is the game organized?

Two teams with seven players each compete against each other with the aim of scoring more goals than the opponent. The game is played on a rectangular playing area in the hall or on sports fields. A match is played over two halves of exactly 30 minutes and is chaired by two referees. A player change is possible at any time during a match.

The ball may be guided with the hand and touched with all parts of the body above the knee. When typing, the ball is bounced on the floor with the hand. Only three steps are allowed without tapping, then the ball has to be played or shot at the goal. The goal area is marked by a line and field players are not allowed to enter.

In Austria the sport of handball is organized through the Austrian handball federation, the regional associations and clubs in two Austria-wide and one to two national leagues each.

What is being trained?

Endurance, strength, speed and agility are important requirements for this athletic ball sport. The special training includes learning tactical moves as well as defensive and attacking techniques, such as punch, jump shot, hip throw or feint. As a team sport, team spirit, conflict and communication skills are required. Since the sport is played at high speed and physical contact and sudden changes of direction are frequent, the risk of injury is relatively high. The best prevention is a very good state of training and a warm-up before the game.

Beach handball

Beach handball is a variant that is played outdoors on sandy surfaces, e.g. on the beach. The playing field is slightly smaller than in classic handball, so only three field players are used. Similar to beach volleyball, the fun factor plays an important role. Since exact dribbling on the sand is not possible, the ball may be rolled by hand on the ground. Beach handball is a division of the sport of handball in organized sport.

Whom can I ask?

Handball as a competitive sport is practiced in sports clubs. If you see the playful aspect and exercise as the goal and less the performance orientation, you will find appropriate offers at Fit Sport Austria - also for children and young people.

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