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Volleyball is a classic team sport. The task is to receive the ball correctly and play it skillfully in the team in order to be able to carry out a good attack. The ball flies over the net at a sharp serve at more than 100 km / h. Speed ​​and dexterity are in demand in volleyball. In addition, there is good muscle strength in arms and legs for slamming balls and blocks. Good cooperation within the team is particularly important for implementing the tactic…


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Volleyball was invented in the United States in the late 19th century by a YMCA physical education teacher who was looking for a less intense and physical alternative to basketball. In the 1930s, volleyball was very popular, especially as a recreational sport. After that, it developed more and more into a competitive sport, in which playing technique, tactics and physical performance are required. Volleyball is played in many sports clubs - there are men, women and mixed teams at different levels of ability.

How is the game organized?

Volleyball is one of the return games. Two teams of six players each face each other on a 9 by 18 meter playing field that is divided by a net. The ball can be touched three times in a team including acceptance. A team scores a point if the ball hits the ground in the opposing field or the other team makes a mistake. For example, a point is counted if the ball falls out, if a player touches the net or if it hits the ball twice. A sentence ends after 25 points, there must be two points difference. After a point is won, people like to applaud - that strengthens the team spirit.

You can download the international volleyball rules (in English) from the website of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

Which training is useful?

Volleyball techniques such as digging, plucking, smashing or blocking can be learned with special exercises alone, in pairs or in a group. The same applies to different moves for acceptance, attack or defense - they are practiced in the team. Good tactics can put a lot of pressure on the opposing team.

What are the health benefits?

Regular volleyball play under certain conditions has many positive effects on health (see). It strengthens the muscles in the legs and arms, stimulates the cardiovascular system and helps to strengthen the bones. The back and ankles are particularly stressed in this sport.

What equipment is necessary?

The equipment is simple: With a sports shirt and shorts you can start. The sports shoes should offer a good grip on a plastic floor. Active players can protect themselves from abrasions with knee pads. Balls are available with a hard or soft upper material, depending on the area of ​​application for competition or training. Volleyball is played indoors or on outdoor hard courts.

Note "Fit Sport Austria" provides an overview of volleyball offers in sports clubs throughout Austria.

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