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Table Tennis
Table Tennis
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Table tennis

Table tennis is a fast-paced setback game for all age groups and is easy to learn. Beginners can play simple rallies after a short time and have a lot of fun. Advanced players and professionals fascinate the audience with fast-paced play, varied tactics and a varied punch repertoire. Apart from professional competitions, table tennis is a very healthy leisure sport with a low risk of injury…


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  • How is the game organized?
  • Which training is useful?
  • How is the health benefit?
  • What equipment is necessary?

How is the game organized?

In table tennis, a four-centimeter ball is played back and forth between the players on a rectangular table. The playing area is divided into two halves by a net. The aim is to put the opponent under pressure and to provoke a mistake. The attraction of the game lies in the fast rallies and the varied playing techniques. The ball can be hit, smashed or pushed. Even small changes in the stick position can make the ball fly in curves, drip lightly over the net or jump off the table at an angle. A hit with an undercut, overcut or side cut gives the ball a different turn. In competitive sports, a distinction is made between offensive and defensive styles of play. Table tennis can be played as a single or double."Ringerl" is popular as a leisure game. At least three people walk around the table during the rallies until a player makes a mistake.

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) publishes the official rules of the game for tournaments and competitions. The table tennis rules in a nutshell: A game begins when the ball is thrown up from the palm of the hand to serve. When serving, the ball must first hit its own field and then the opposing field. If the ball touches the net, the service must be repeated. After two points have been played, the service is changed. After the service, the ball is returned over the net or past the net. The ball must land once in the opposing half. A volley strike is not allowed. If there is a mistake, the opponent receives one point. A set is over after eleven points have been won.If there is a tie of ten points, the service is changed after each point and the game is played with a two-point lead. The sides are switched after each sentence. A game is usually played over three sets won.

Which training is useful?

In table tennis, speed, reaction and good coordination skills are required. In order to be able to perform longer rallies, a good punching technique is important, which is specially trained in table tennis clubs. For longer games you also need a good general level of fitness. The targeted service can be practiced with circle markings on the table surface.

How is the health benefit?

Regularly playing table tennis promotes fitness under certain conditions and is very good cardiovascular training (see Staying healthy with exercise). The risk of injury in this sport is rather low.

What equipment is necessary?

Table tennis is played wind and weather protected in the hall. As a leisure game, table tennis is also suitable outdoors. Table tennis is available in many pools, parks and public sports facilities. You need non-slip shoes for playing table tennis in the hall. Clubs with a smooth surface are suitable for attack hits, pimple surfaces support cut hits.

Note "Fit Sport Austria" provides an overview of table tennis offers for all age groups throughout Austria.

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