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Video: Streetball

Video: Streetball
Video: The Professor vs Pro Competition at Venice Beach.. DESTROYS 6'3" hooper 2023, March


One ball, one basket. The rules are quickly established - and off you go! Then there is only dribbling and trickery. Streetball is spontaneous and disorganized. A referee is not necessary because fairness counts and disputes are settled between the players. There are enough opportunities to play streetball. Baskets are installed in many parks and sports fields, and sometimes there are even street ball courts with floor markings. You can practice alone or in pairs. Often there are also other active players to play against each other in two teams…


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How is the game organized?

Although the focus of streetball is free play, there are official streetball rules. Accordingly, two teams of three players each play on one basket. The playing field should be at least 6 x 6 meters. After every basket or ball is lost, a "check" is made, which means that the ball is passed from the team in charge to the opposing team and back again. This emphasizes the "fairness" character and shows that all players are ready. A foul is when a player is hindered while throwing a basket. In tournaments, a court watcher can also be appointed as referee.

After losing the ball or winning the basket, a new attack begins behind the distance line, about six paces from the basket. Before throwing a hoop, the ball must be touched by at least two attacking players. If a shot is unsuccessful, the attacking team must start again from behind the distance line. A normal throw and a free throw count one point, throws behind the distance line count two points. Usually up to twelve points is played.

Which training is necessary?

As with basketball, throwing technique, passing and dribbling can be specially trained. In general, streetball is good fitness training and promotes dexterity. Special equipment is not necessary.

Note Streetball camps are offered by various sports clubs. "Fit Sport Austria" offers more information.

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