Beach Volleyball

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Beach Volleyball
Beach Volleyball

Video: Beach Volleyball

Video: Beach Volleyball
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beach volleyball

Beach volleyball attracts crowds. Sand on the skin, rapid rallies and spectacular pike jumps are the focus on the field. In addition, an entertainment program with DJs and show acts is often offered at beach volleyball events. But apart from competitive sports and staged large events, beach volleyball in the open air promises a lot of fun and joie de vivre for those who are hungry for exercise. The sport was derived from volleyball and was practiced on beaches in Hawaii, California and Europe as early as the 1930sā€¦


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Beach volleyball has been booming with the public as a competitive sport since 1986. But it has also become increasingly popular as a leisure and hobby sport in recent years. Today there are beach volleyball courts with fixed nets in parks, leisure facilities, sports fields, swimming pools and of course on beaches.

How is the game organized?

In beach volleyball, two teams of two players each try to play the ball over the net into the opposing field. The game is played barefoot in the sand. The start is made by serving into the opposing field. This must be done behind the baseline. After acceptance, the ball may be played two more times within a team in order to be able to hit the opposing field as sharp or difficult as possible. All body parts are allowed to play the ball.

A mistake counts as a point for the opponent. A set is won with 21 points. If there is a tie of 20:20, the game continues with a two point difference. A game is won with two sets. A third set is played up to at least 15 points. In the first and second set the teams change sides after seven points, in the third set after five points. Beach volleyball has its own rules of the game compared to related volleyball (to the official beach volleyball rules of the international volleyball association FIVB).

The teams consist of teams of two. A good strategy is crucial in order to get your opponents into trouble and to be able to score. The professionals give each other signs behind their backs during the game, such as how a ball is accepted or played and how the teamwork should take place. The signs should not be visible to the opponents.

Which training is useful?

In the specific beach volleyball training, the jumping power and hitting power are specifically improved and general ball skills are practiced. Beach volleyball mainly stresses the back and joints, but the sand dampens the impact forces more than when playing volleyball on a hard court.

What are the health benefits?

Regularly playing beach volleyball has many positive effects on health (see Staying Healthy with Exercise). It is also good fitness training because the movements on soft surfaces are strenuous.

What equipment is necessary?

Equipment can be kept to a minimum for beach volleyball. Bikini or bathing trunks are enough. In any case, you shouldn't forget to wear sun protection for your head and skin! The balls are a little softer and larger than volleyball balls.

Note "Fit Sport Austria" provides an overview of beach volleyball offers for all age groups throughout Austria.

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