Canoeing - Paddling With A Kayak, Canoe, Rafting Boat, SUP

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Canoeing - Paddling With A Kayak, Canoe, Rafting Boat, SUP
Canoeing - Paddling With A Kayak, Canoe, Rafting Boat, SUP
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Water hikes on a lake, rapid paddling in white water, tours along the seashore - all of this can be experienced in canoeing, a diverse water sport. In competitive sports, thrilling races are held over various distances or acrobatic stunts are shown in white water. Canoe is the generic term for all water sports equipment that is moved with a paddle and its own muscle power. These include kayak and canoe boats, but also stand-up boards and large dragon boats.


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Many people practice canoeing in their free time to enjoy nature from the water, to reduce stress and to practice healthy sports. Paddling trains endurance and strength, especially the muscles of the upper body (arm, abdominal and back muscles) - with the appropriate intensity and duration. The cardiovascular system is also strengthened by regular paddling.

Paddling: how does it work?

Canoeing is considered easy. However, some practice is required to use a paddle to move a boat or board forward on the water, to steer, to brake or to stabilize the boat. When paddling, you look ahead. With every stroke of the paddle, the paddle is dipped into the water at the front (“pierced”) and pulled backwards. The strength of the arms is supported by a rotating movement of the upper body. The legs help to build up pressure for the paddle stroke. Different types of boats and paddles require a special paddling technique. Paddling or canoeing can be learned in courses, for example. For safety reasons, it is important to be able to swim well when canoeing.

The equipment required depends on the particular discipline. Functional sportswear is sufficient for beginners. Boats, paddles, life jackets, protective helmets etc. can be borrowed from a course or from a canoe club. Before entering the canoe, it is important to find out about the water, for example the water level, the difficulty, entry restrictions, etc. There are, for example, specialist books (river guides) in which you can read.

Organized international group trips or canoeing events offer the opportunity to get to know canoeists from other countries. The TID (Tour International Danubia) is one of the largest international hiking tours in the world. It leads along the Danube through eight countries from Ingolstadt to the Black Sea.

Which boats are there in canoeing?

  • Kayaks are moved with a double paddle and steered with or without a steering wheel. The canoeist sits in the hatch of the closed boat. The steering wheel is operated with the feet. Boats have a riser to support their legs. Kayaks are available for one or more people. Different types of boats, for example whitewater kayaks, regatta boats, hiking and sea kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks ("surf skis") etc. are suitable for different areas of application.
  • Canadians are moved and controlled with a single paddle. The paddle is used on the same side of the boat. The canoeist kneels in the mostly open boat. Canadiers are also available in different sizes and designs.
  • Stand-up paddling boards are moved in a standing position with a long paddle.
  • Rafting boats are sturdy inflatable boats for several people that are specially designed for trips on white water. The canoeists sit in the boat and use paddles, the legs are anchored in loops.
  • Dragon boats are approx. Twelve meter long boats that can be moved by up to 20 people using synchronous paddles. Team spirit is particularly important here.

What disciplines are there in canoeing?

The performance-oriented canoeing sport offers different disciplines:

  • Canoe racing : races in the boat classes kayak and canoe over different distances.
  • Canoe slalom: A course in white water between poles, similar to ski slalom, is driven as quickly as possible with a kayak or canoe.
  • Whitewater regatta: Race on a river, similar to the downhill ski race.
  • Canoe polo: action-packed game sport in a kayak between two teams.
  • Freestyle: In competitions, figures, jumps, tricks etc. are shown on a standing water roller or waves.
  • Dragon boat: - Races are mostly held on calm waters over various distances.
  • Rafting: There are races on the white water in different disciplines.

Whom can I ask?

Canoeing is practiced in Austria in numerous clubs that are listed on the website of the Austrian Canoe Association.

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