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Video: Athletics

Video: Athletics
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Running, jumping and throwing are among the most original forms of human movement. According to the motto: "Faster, higher, further!", Exciting competitions were held in ancient times to determine the best athletes. Today, athletics encompasses various disciplines that allow athletes of almost all ages a wide range of activities…


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Competitions are held both in individual disciplines and in all-round disciplines where all-rounders are in demand. Athletics is differentiated from heavy athletics (e.g. wrestling, weightlifting or weight training).

Running has developed as a popular endurance sport for health-oriented athletes. Aside from top-class sport, the ÖSTA (Austrian Sports and Gymnastics Badge) offers recognition for a wide range of sporting achievements, including in the field of athletics.

Athletics disciplines

The disciplines in which competitions and championships are held include:

  • Running disciplines:

    • Sprint: e.g. 100 m, 200 m, 400 m
    • Middle distance: e.g. 800 m, 1,000 m, 1,500 m, 1 mile
    • Long distance: e.g. 3,000 m, 5,000 m, 10,000 m
    • Relay: e.g. 4 x 100 m, 4 x 400 m
    • Hurdles: e.g. 100 m (women), 110 m (men), 400 m
    • Road / terrain: e.g. 10 km, 21.1 km (half marathon), 42.2 km (marathon), cross-country run, mountain run
    • Walking: Walking by train, 20 km, 50 km (men)
  • Jump disciplines:

    • Long jump
    • Triple jump
    • high jump
    • Pole vault
  • Throwing disciplines:

    • Shot put
    • Discus throwing
    • Javelin
    • Hammer throwing
  • All-around disciplines:

    • Heptathlon
    • Decathlon

In competitions, winners are determined in age groups. Most athletics disciplines are also held as Olympic competitions.

Athletics takes place outdoors, depending on the discipline, on running tracks, on the street, off-road, on sports fields or in the hall.

What is being trained?

The training of all motor skills (endurance, strength, coordination, dexterity) is an important prerequisite for success in competition, but also to stay fit and healthy in general. Specific training in the respective discipline is adapted to personal strengths and includes, for example, technique of movement sequences, speed etc.

Whom can I ask?

Sports clubs that practice athletics are organized in the Austrian Athletics Association. Athletics as a health-promoting sport is offered by Fit Sport Austria.