"Indoor" Fitness

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"Indoor" Fitness
"Indoor" Fitness
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"Indoor" fitness

Training in the fitness center offers an ideal opportunity to exercise regularly according to personal needs, unaffected by the weather and traffic. Fitness centers are an attractive option close to home, especially for people who live in the city. In order to be able to relax comfortably after the “workout”, some fitness centers are also equipped with a sauna and wellness area…


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  • Fitsport - what is it?
  • Exercise programs

An alternative to the fitness studios are the numerous fitness sports offers from clubs. They are mostly held in gymnasiums and gymnastics rooms. The “Fit for Austria” initiative offers healthy fitness courses throughout Austria.

Fitsport - what is it?

Fitsport includes all training programs that keep the body healthy and efficient: These include strength and endurance training as well as special exercise programs that are usually offered in group training. Fitness companies or clubs often offer the possibility of a one-time trial training session. Sports enthusiasts can check whether the offer corresponds to their own ideas.

  • Strength trainingcertain muscle areas can be carried out specifically on special devices. In order to dose the intensity, duration and number of exercises correctly and to avoid overload, it is advisable to have a training program put together by qualified support staff at the beginning of training in a fitness center. If necessary, a trainer will also explain how to do the exercise correctly on the device. For complex movements, you train with your own body weight or small equipment in open spaces in the studio or in so-called "functional zones". This ensures that practiced movements can be efficiently adopted in everyday life or in individual sports. These exercises are only recommended after instruction by a trained trainer.
  • Endurance training can be done on the treadmill, cross trainer, stepper, bicycle ergometer, upper body trainer or rowing machine.
  • Coordination training is carried out on various wobbly boards, soft pillows or on a slackline, for example, and improves the interaction and the economy of all muscles.
  • Exercise programs are offered in group training at certain course times. From full body training to special fat burning programs to back fitness courses: the offers are varied. The instructions of the trainer guide you through the program. Music provides additional motivation so that the effort is easier and movement is really fun.

Exercise programs


Aerobic refers to aerobic endurance training in a group with elements from gymnastics and dancing. Step combinations are performed with choreography while walking and jumping with musical accompaniment. In addition to endurance, coordination, strength and flexibility are also promoted. In step aerobics, you climb up and down on a raised platform with different step combinations. At the advanced level, demanding step sequences are carried out in connection with strengthening exercises. Other types of aerobics include dance, boxing and aqua aerobics.


In bodywork, simple gymnastic and hand-held equipment (e.g. dumbbells, jump cords, gymnastic hoops, etc.) as well as partner exercises are used to move the whole body. Bodywork exercises are particularly suitable for the untrained and experienced, as the muscles are slowly strengthened.

Functional training

Complex movements (while standing, jumping, etc.) are performed here in order to train entire muscle loops and not just individual muscle groups. This ensures that practiced movements can be efficiently adopted in everyday life or in individual sports. This program is particularly suitable for advanced learners in a group.

Indoor cycling (spin biking)

A varied training program with musical accompaniment is completed on standing bicycles in a group and under the guidance of an instructor. The intensity of the endurance training can be regulated via the resistance when pedaling on the standing bike and via the cadence. The instructor specifies the cadence (crank revolutions per minute) or the level of resistance on the flywheel. Fictitious route sections (e.g. mountain, plain, sprint route, etc.) and the respective driving technique (e.g. driving while sitting, "climbing" while rocking, etc.) are announced in order to make the training varied.


Pilates training is based on alternating coordination, stretching and strengthening exercises as well as exercises to mobilize and stabilize the spine. The program supports a conscious handling of one's own body. The Pilates exercises promote a sense of movement, with a focus on the mobility of the spine. Deeper muscle layers are trained gently but effectively. This fitness method is suitable for women and men of all ages and levels of fitness.

Back fit

Special exercise courses aim to prevent back problems. The most important goal of such programs is to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for the spine and joints. Special attention is paid to the core muscles with the deeper muscle layers. Stretching and mobilization exercises often round off the program to relieve or prevent muscle tension.

Sling training

This training program uses a rope and sling system to perform various exercises with your own body weight. This full body workout combines strength, endurance, coordination and stability. Sling training improves the ability to stabilize postures. Above all, the deep core, abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles as well as the shoulder muscles are strengthened. Group sling training is only recommended for experienced people.

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