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Video: Fencing

Video: Fencing
Video: Malika KHAKIMOVA UZB 2023, March


Fencing is one of the oldest duel sports. It developed from exercises for armed combat between two people with a hand weapon. Today modern sport fencing is a fast-paced competitive sport that combines tactics and the ability to concentrate with athletics. The special fencing equipment, the fencing rules and the targeted training ensure the necessary safety during competition. The aim is to hit the opponent on the body with the fencing weapon and to collect points. Various attack and defense movements are practiced during training. Sport fencing is an Olympic discipline.


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Fencing uses the entire musculature and the cardiovascular system. Fencing is exhausting because the athlete has to keep moving and keep the body in tension in order to react to the opponent's actions.

Targeted fencing training not only trains various motor skills, e.g. speed and dexterity. You will also learn how to tactically attack and defend yourself and how to perform the movements with as little effort as possible. After all, practicing the correct fencing stance and technique prevents overloading and wear and tear, especially of the tendons and joints.

What disciplines are there in fencing?

In sport fencing, a distinction is made between three types of weapon: the foil, the rapier and the saber. The fencing weapons differ in weight, length and design and their application. Foil and sword are only used as a thrust weapon, the saber as a cut and thrust weapon. In the case of foil, only hits on the upper body count, in the case of the saber the upper body, head and arms count as the hit area, and in the case of the epee the entire body.

What is a fencing competition?

A fencing competition is held on a fenced-off track. If the opponent touches the respective weapon sufficiently hard, the electronic detector is triggered and the hit is displayed. The protective clothing and mask prevent injuries to the body and face.

A competition begins with a basic position, the so-called fencing position. The athlete tries to set or fend off hits by attacking and defending movements (“failure” and “parry”). During training, the various actions for attack and defense are practiced with the weapon or with leg movements and their combination is trained.

Whom can I ask?

Fencing is practiced in fencing clubs. The umbrella organization of the local fencing clubs is the Austrian Fencing Association. At the beginning, beginners only need normal sportswear and trainers. The clubs can provide special equipment such as fencing weapons, masks and suits. Fencing can be practiced from childhood to old age.

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